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How to Measure and Improve Brand Equity Through Social Media

As a small business, it is crucial for your online presence to be aligned with your company’s brand. A company’s brand is not only a representation of the company itself, but it serves to distinguish the company’s products and services … Read More

LinkedIn Mobile App Improves Leads and Traffic

If you are among the devout 57% of LinkedIn users who have begun using the LinkedIn mobile app, you have likely seen the additional resources and features the mobile platform has to offer.

LinkedIn allows you to easily keep up … Read More

13 Mar '19

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What Do Instagram Users Want from Companies?

Given the unparalleled rise of Instagram over the past decade, we have repeatedly heard time and time again what marketing specialists believe Instagram users want to see. Although there are over 1 billion active Instagram users, businesses are finding it … Read More

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are Overtaking Online Marketing

In this technological day and age, it is hard to believe someone has not heard of or come in contact with a chatbot. A chatbot is an artificially intelligent messaging software device, programmed to converse with people, understand questions, provide … Read More