Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020

Having the best social media marketing strategies is crucial in the 21st century, given the massive audience that you can reach on social media platforms. PINK DOG DIGITAL develops customized social media pink dog marketing strategies that are appropriate for your business and your audience.

If millennial’s are your target audience, then Snapchat and Instagram make sense.

Gen X? Facebook and Instagram will help there.

Are you a news source? Twitter makes sense.

There is no “must do” in digital and social media marketing, because it depends on your needs and intended results. We do the research and write the posts based on your specifications.

Why Should I Use Social Media For My Business?

Any company that presents a set, unchanging digital and social media marketing strategy is behind the times. Social media changes by the day, depending on what the latest trends are on the platform itself and in society as a whole.

Pop culture trends, world events, and celebrities all combine to impact what consumers buy and consider on social media.

There is not a set plan on what to do on social media to gain a following and thus, an increased customer base.

At PINK DOG DIGITAL, we will work with you to create a plan that works with you and your brand. For some companies, jumping on the latest fad or meme in a light-hearted manner might be the best marketing strategy, while other companies may be better-served with a serious, business-like tone online.

If you have an idea for the type of content that you would like your company to post online, we will work with you to make that idea a reality. Digital and social media marketing is a versatile tool that can perform so many functions for your company.

You can post a picture of your product on Instagram that shows off its utility or engage in a light-hearted interaction with a satisfied customer on Twitter.

Quick seven-second videos on Snapchat serve to engage the younger millennial audience, and even posting discussion about your product or service on online message boards can drive traffic.

There is a classic saying that all press is good press, which is certainly not true, but it has a certain element of truth. Getting your company’s name out there and increasing the amount of users that see your brand online is the best way to guarantee results. And of course, the best way to increase exposure is to simply use the platform.

Digital and social media marketing users enjoy consistency, which can be difficult for a busy business-owner to handle. At PINK DOG DIGITAL, we can handle it for you. Not only can we create the strategy for your accounts to follow, we can draft posts and engage with customers with you in a way that maximizes your online impact.

It can be difficult to know what the proper strategy on social media should be, but we will work with you to create one that is successful and one that you approve of.

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