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Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are not dead! Although technology is always evolving and social media is taking the fore-front of advertising, one thing still remains clear – emails are still just as important.

An effective email campaign is essential to every business. It keeps you top of mind so that your clients and prospects remember you, if and when they need your product or service.

While spamming customers with messages may not exactly win over their support, the statistics show that this is a great way to increase your consumer base. Email subscribers are three times more likely to share messages about companies on social media than non-subscribers.

Why Should I Use Email Marketing Campaigns?

Did you know there are three times more email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined? There are 3.7 Billion email users in the world. That’s a big number and it’s only going to increase. By 2021 there will be an estimated 4.1 Billion email users! Email marketing is here to stay, so it’s important you utilize it to grow your small business.

It is also said that email marketing campaigns in 2019 are six times more likely to get a click-through from email than on Twitter. 73% of millennial’s use their phone to view emails, making it just as effective of an email marketing advertising method as social media.

Building A Successful Email Marketing Campaign:

It’s easy for an email subscriber to overlook a marketing email, or quickly move it to the “Trash” folder. That’s why marketing emails have to be relevant, relatable, and catchy. Here are some tips to help make sure your email marketing campaign is set up for success. 

One way to ensure that you’re sending emails to the right clientele is knowing your audience. Having demographic information such as location, age, gender, income, marital status, etc., will give you a glimpse of what interests your clients.

For example, if you owned a clothing company in San Francisco whose styles were designed with college kids in mind, you can approach the marketing email in a certain way. You know that your target demographic are people who live in the San Francisco area, who are enrolled in college, perhaps between the ages of 18 to 25, and they probably don’t have a high income because they’re still in school. All of these facts can be utilized; One idea is to pick a color scheme and layout aesthetic that matches your brand – consistency is key. You can also include a promotional code or a free item in the email because you know that college kids are always looking to save money. And lastly, you can be sure that these emails are sent out to people in the San Francisco area because that is where your shop is. 

Information that may seem irrelevant can always be used to help your email marketing campaign. Doing the necessary research is the first step in creating an email marketing campaign that leads to success. Our email campaigns and services is yet another tool that we can use to help you bring your service to others.

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