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Online Reputation Management

“I have a bad review online. What should I do?” is a commonly asked question. People use the web to complement, complain, receive refunds or contact customer service. Customers expect to find reviews from fellow consumers that help them decide whether to give you their business. PINK DOG DIGITAL regularly monitors your social channels and review profiles to help improve your online reputation and image. We will notify you when a review comes in and if it is a negative one, PINK DOG DIGITAL will make a recommendation on an appropriate response and help answer it for you.

It is crucial to address these poor reviews head-on because they impact your position in the search engine result pages (SERPs), particularly if the review is posted on Google. Consumers trust and read online reviews, and Google knows that, so it uses reviews to impact its positioning of websites in the result pages. Although there is an algorithm that sorts out the exact positioning, the concept is simple- if customers rate your website highly, Google will prioritize its position.

The flip side is that bad reviews drive your site down in the results. If a poor review appears, we will help you respond to it and attempt to bring your site’s rating back up. Let us help you take the stress of a bad review away from you.

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