Interactive Web Design

Having an interactive web design is truly a door to your business. If you want customers to walk through that door, you need to cultivate a simple and interactive user experience that leaves customers feeling good about your company. PINK DOG DIGITAL ensures that the user experience is nothing short of exemplary.

We ensure that your visitors find what they need in the easiest way possible. Whether it is additional information, a contact form or a place to call, we organize your website to offer a beneficial user experience.

What Should I Use As My Content Management System?

We recommend using WordPress as your CMS (content management system) to update your content internally. WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS in the world and has thousands of developers constantly improving it and contributing plug-ins to extend its functionality.

What Will Be Included With The Web Design?

In addition to the core of your website, we can also include blogs, articles, social media widgets, custom forms to capture your leads, newsletter sign up forms and more. PINK DOG DIGITAL takes the time to learn about the people you are trying to reach and will create a website that engages them and drives conversion.

Should I Use E-Commerce On My Website?

Additionally, we can also help you with your e-commerce endeavors if needed. Sales are changing to become more Internet-heavy than ever before. Physical sales are on their way out, while digital sales are the present and future for you and your business.

In order to compete online, you must be able to utilize e-commerce tactics, which we can help you with. Whether you are selling goods, services or digital products, there is a distinct strategy that can help you increase sales online.

Utilizing e-commerce is difficult without a social media presence, which we also can help you with. The two work hand-in-hand, because although you can sell your goods on social media sites, the exposure from an active online profile can directly lead to an increase in traffic and new users.

Additionally, we also can use quote carts, which may not be the most well-known strategy but it is still very effective. Customers are able to submit requests and quotes through user-friendly interfaces, which passes along feedback to you.

This can help with knowing exact specifications from customers that leads to you having a better idea of what consumers see on your site.

Also, while we recommend that you use WordPress for your company’s website, custom .php programming is another option. Unlike the built-in HTML templates on WordPress, .php programming creates highly interactive, unique landscapes especially utilized in web development.

Building a website that pleases you and customers alike is our main goal, and whether we use WordPress or custom .php programming to achieve that goal, we will get there.

Having a clean and interactive web design are two of the most common features that customers look for when surveying a website, and we at PINK DOG DIGITAL will ensure that your website has both of these factors.

With a combination of our many digital techniques, your website will serve as a true representation of your business, providing ample e-commerce opportunities for you to build up an avid online following.

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