Our Digital Website Services

PINK DOG DIGITAL is focused on helping clients grow their business through our various digital website services. This includes their website, search engine rankings, social media impact, digital advertising and online reputation management.

There is never a cookie-cutter approach to our services. We tailor campaigns to fit the needs of our clients and their customers, while also ensuring that we are maximizing the tools of whatever platform we are working on.

Because of this need for a varied and active approach to online Pink Dog marketing, we offer a wide variety of services that all are available to you.

Cultivating an online presence begins with having a stellar website with information easily accessible by potential customers, and we will help you build and maintain such a website.

Once your website is completed, you also must ensure that it is pushed to customers.

At PINK DOG DIGITAL, we understand how to maximize the number of eyes on your business through clever usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features on Google and other web indexing sites. If you want your site to be viewed by more potential customers, we know how to achieve results.

The best way to achieve SEO results is through having proper and accurate content on your company’s website, which helps push your site up in keyword searches.

We coordinate with a talented and experienced team of writers to help your website have relevant content that customers want to see and content that search engines prioritize as well. It can be difficult to come up with proper content for your website, so let us handle it.

We also help businesses create a social media strategy. Advertising as we know it is changing, and consumers are now looking to social media to find their next purchase or service. Whether it is traditional advertising on apps such as Twitter and Facebook or simply interacting with potential customers, we help set you up with a concrete plan to increase your social media footprint.

One of the downsides of the rise of social media, though, is the damage that a disgruntled or unreasonable customer can do with an unfavorable review.

Fellow customers look at negative reviews and decide to take their business elsewhere, but at PINK DOG DIGITAL, we can show you how to overcome these roadblocks.

With online reputation management on our end, we work with you to respond to negative reviews and keep your company’s positive reputation online.

When it comes to crafting your brand online, having quality photos and videos is extremely important. Substandard digital media makes your company come off amateurish and keeps customers away.

We work with you to show photos and videos that put your business in the best light possible.

Lastly, we also use digital advertising and email marketing to reach potential customers as well. These methods, while slightly more traditional, still work very well in driving traffic to your site and increasing business.

As you can see, PINK DOG DIGITAL is here to help you grow your business in a wide variety in ways. We have the tools and the experience to assist you in developing a tremendous online presence that leads to concrete results. Pink Dog knows traditional advertising in Maryland and beyond.

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