November 5, 2020

Facebook Messenger Launches New Changes to Logo and Chat

Facebook has decided to model the new Facebook Messenger after their favorite digital marketing agency, Pink Dog Digital! Well, not exactly – but Facebook has launched a variety of changes to the Messenger app, starting with a colorful new logo

Updated App Icon 

For the first time in seven years, Facebook has updated the Messenger’s app icon. While the design remains the same, the color scheme has changed to represent the company’s evolution. The traditional “Facebook blue” has been replaced with a vibrant gradient of purple, pink, and orange colors. 


This new look is meant to demonstrate Messenger’s shift from a simple messaging platform to a powerful communication tool. In addition to chatting and phone calling, Messenger will now allow users to connect further by offering group video calls and new ways to enjoy video content with friends. These new updates will allow friends and family to virtually spend time together using their favorite apps and devices. 

The updated Messenger app icon also resembles the Instagram app to signify the compatibility of the two platforms. Soon, users will have access to cross-app communication. This new functionality will also bring a variety of Messenger-inspired features to Instagram messaging. 

Chat Themes 

In addition to the change in exterior appearance, Facebook Messenger has also enhanced the app internally with new chat colors and themes. These new options allow users to completely customize their conversations within Messenger. The ability to personalize the platform is not fun for users, but it is also important to the way users connect and come together. 

The default chat theme that used to be the widely-known Facebook blue has since been replaced with a new purple-blue hue that matches the updated Messenger logo color scheme. Users can also choose between a variety of new themes, including Love, Tie-Dye, and Pride. Depending on the time of year, Facebook Messenger also offers seasonal themes such as Halloween. 

Within the app, simply open the conversation you want to customize and click on the person’s name at the top. From there, click on “Theme” and select the color or theme you want to use. Everyone in the chat is able to change the colors as many times, and as often as they want to. 

Selfie Stickers 

Now more than ever, people are relying on Messenger to stay in touch with family and friends. Video calls, photos, memes, and GIFs are all great ways to communicate, but now Facebook Messenger has launched a new tool to improve the messaging experience. 

Selfie stickers are the equivalent of selfies, emojis, and Boomerang all rolled into one handy feature. The stickers are meant to be used as a new way to react to conversations. 

Users are able to create stickers in real-time for specific conversations, as well as save them for future use. 

Watch Together 

Another great tool coming soon to Messenger is Watch Together. This feature will allow friends to simultaneously watch videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, tv shows, and movies during a video call. 

In the time of social distance, Watch Together will give friends and family the opportunity to stay connected through video content, no matter where they are in the world. Not only can friends watch videos together, but they can see their reactions and discuss all in real time. 

Vanish Mode 

Facebook Messenger is also rolling out Vanish Mode, which acts like the disappearing messages on Snapchat and Instagram. After activitiating Vanish Mode, users can two between two different options – the messages will disappear after they have been seen or after the user closes the chat. 

With this new feature, users will have more control of their privacy. Prior to Vanish Mode, if a user wanted to delete previous sent messages, they would have to go through and manually delete them one by one. Now, users can ensure all sent messages are removed from the chat immediately. This will help prevent any conversations or information from being shared or spread without permission. 

Message Controls 

Earlier this year, Messenger launched Quiet Mode, which allows users to pause push notifications, both within and outside of the app. Now, Messenger has launched even more message controls to provide users more authority over their inbox. 

Whereas Quiet Mode silences all messages, the updated privacy settings allow users to control who can message them, and more importantly, who can not message them. 

Within the message controls, Messenger will also be releasing tools to report suspicious activity, block users, restrict users, and mute accounts. Overall, Facebook has implemented numerous measures to protect the privacy and safety of its members, in order to make users more comfortable connecting across all apps. 

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