December 19, 2019

Web Design Trends in 2020

web design trends

Web design is not a static industry. New trends are constantly taking shape or going out of style. That’s why it’s important for businesses to not only build functional websites, but continually incorporate new design trends that will deliver results. Here are new web design trends in 2020.

WordPress Gutenberg

The most influential web design trend of 2020 has been set by WordPress itself. This past November, WordPress announced their latest, and not to mention biggest, update in company history with the release of Gutenberg.

As the new block editor, Gutenberg will offer a more refined user experience with increased accessibility, design freedoms, and style variations. The new features will allow users to have complete control over the website.

Users can preview blocks to see how they would look on the website before selecting them. Smoother and faster block navigation serves to improve accessibility and usability. Plus, navigation menus are now completely customizable with different background and text colors.

To fully customize their website, Gutenberg allows users to go beyond blocks. The new block-based capabilities allows blocks to be grouped together or separated with white space.

Voice Search Capabilities

With the ever-present popularity of Amazon Echo, Siri, and Google Home, more users are using voice search to search online. As a result, voice search plugins and voice search optimization will be crucial web design trends in 2020.

Voice Search plugins not only offer voice search capabilities, but serve to enhance SEO through PDF searches, image searches, and even spell check.

In addition to plugins, companies will need to optimize their website for voice search. When it comes to voice search SEO, site loading speed plays a significant role given that voice search results load more than 1.5 times the normal speed of search results.

Companies can make their sites load faster by using Accelerated Mobile Pages or Progressive Web Apps.

Accelerated Mobile Pages uses simplified HTML code designed to improve page loading speed – search engines are able to quickly read and configure webpages. On the other hand, Progressive Web Apps allow websites to quickly launch directly from the users home screen or mobile apps.

Content readability, accessibility, and mobile optimization are all crucial elements that aid voice search SEO.

Multilingual Websites

As the Internet allows users to access websites from all over the world, multilingual websites are becoming increasingly popular. Multilingual plugins allow users to easily translate their content and create multilingual sites for the world to use. That way, all users can view content in the language of their choice.

Animated Elements

First impressions matter and websites are no different. Engaging elements such as animations and transitions offer an aesthetically pleasing web design that will grab the users attention.

Common elements include flips, bounces, flashes, and pulses. These animations work to direct the user’s attention towards whatever links, actions, or information the company wants them to see.

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