December 12, 2019

2020 Graphic Design Trends for Social Media

As we approach the new decade, marketing trends have already begun to shift and change. Brands are always trying to beat out their competitors by staying relevant and keeping their company fresh in the minds of the consumer. To do so, companies need to stay ahead of graphic design trends when it comes to social media. Pink Dog Digital has developed our go-to list for upcoming graphic design trends in 2020.

graphic design trends


Minimalism in graphic design is focused on white space. This approach allows brands to create effective images that focus on the product, service, or idea at hand, without a distracting background.

The simplistic design uses mostly basic shapes, colors, and textures to offer a visually appealing image that allows the content to stand out as a memorable focal point.

Users are accustomed to the complex designs produced by other brands. A minimalist approach will set your company apart in the sea of timelines and feeds.

Animations and GIFs

No matter how you pronounce it, we can all agree that GIFs are extremely popular on all social media platforms.

Short animated images is a great way to raise brand awareness while working to humanize your company. Because branded animations are so unique to the company, you are guaranteeing no competitors can steal your content.

Creating personal content also works to build brand recognition. Since the animations will be used for your brand and your brand alone, followers will automatically begin to associate the animations to your company.

Heavy Fonts

In 2019, graphic design did not focus on font whatever – the most popular fonts looked to be handwritten or airy. In 2020, this all will change.

Many graphic designers are turning to text-heavy images, complete with a bold yet simple font. To further emphasize the text, the fonts are coupled with contrasting colors to ensure the font stands out among the background.

But just because the font is the main attraction, the text does not need to be overwhelming. Keep the textual content short and concise. Be sure to only bold important keywords or headlines.

Line Art

One of the most interesting graphic design trends of the new year is line art. This specific approach combines typography and elements to produce impressive designs and animations.

The trend consists of drawing elements or patterns made from one singular line. This would be similar to drawing an image on a piece of paper without lifting your pencil – but with a graphic design approach.


As a society, we are obsessed with all things vintage, which explains why thrifting, historic cars, and antiques are such popular trends. Along with these trends comes a vintage graphic design approach filled with earthy colors and hand-drawn illustrations.

Vintage designs offer users a sense of authenticity and security. The orange, green, and brown hues give followers a feeling of nostalgia and brand identity. Companies that employ this vintage trend are bound to see a rise in brand trust – users who see the vintage designs will feel like they have known this brand their whole life.

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