December 5, 2019

Using TikTok Editing to Create Perfect Instagram Stories

Thanks to this generation’s crazed obsession with content-sharing apps, we have all heard of VSCO and TikTok. These apps allow users to share content, but they are also useful when it comes to creating content for other social media platforms.

Many personal users, brands, and influencers have turned to VSCO to perfectly edit their Instagram photos. And now TikTok, the video-sharing platform has a new role: editing for TikTok Instagram Stories.

Similar to the extinct Vine platform, TikTok users can record videos with easy to use editing features and effects. TikTok’s sleek and modern video editing software has the ability to turn short videos into creative, engaging, and dynamic content.


15 Seconds or Less

Even though users have the ability to create content up to a minute long, most videos last about 15 seconds. Shorter TikToks have a tendency to go viral quickly, sometimes within just a few hours.

While short videos make for virility on TikTok, short videos also make for successful Instagram Stories. A 15 second video fits perfectly as one TikTok  Instagram Story.  Or if you have a video that is 60 seconds, it can be uploaded as multiple stories on TikTok that will play back to back.

Versatile Editing Features

Users have the option to record a video from scratch within the TikTok app or upload a video from their camera roll.

Before the user starts rolling, they can choose between a wide variety of different effects. The effects are broken up between categories, including Trending, New, Interactive, Editing, Beauty, Funny, and World – just to name a few. Along with effects, users can also edit elements of the video itself, including speed, flash, music, and sound effects.

Users can either record the entirety of the video in one shot or record the video in segments. To record in segments, simply pause the recording throughout to change locations or points of view.

Each time you hit pause, you can review the recording so far, at which point you can keep the previous segment or delete it. This is a great way to re-record segments without having to start all over again.

Once you finished recording all your segments, the checkmark at the bottom right-hand of the screen will take you to even more video editing tools. Here you can filter, trim, and adjust the volume.

This is also where TikTok sets its video editing software apart from competitors with this unique feature: the ability to edit and filter the video before and after recording. Most editing platforms only has the power to edit an existing video, but with TikTok, videos can be edited at any time of production.

Similar Platform Content Ratios

Both Instagram and TikTok are recorded in full-screen mode, this means that the videos will fill the display on both platforms. This also means that there is no size-adjusting needed between platforms – no cropping, zooming in or zooming out.

The matching ratios make for the ultimate user experience. Instagram users are more likely to skip Stories that are blurry or look awkward.

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