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How COVID-19 Has Affected Google My Business

As we all try to figure out our new normal and flatten the curve of the COVID-19, small businesses are among the many being affected. With measures being updated and implemented daily, small businesses have been forced to quickly adapt … Read More

18 Mar '20

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How to Improve Crawl Budget Optimization

Crawl budget refers to the number of pages Google can index on a given website. If Google Bots can not find a specific page within a given amount of time, that page will not be indexed. If a webpage is … Read More

12 Mar '20

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How to Detect A Negative SEO Campaign

A negative SEO campaign occurs when a malicious user attempts to negatively impact a company’s search engine rankings. These hackers are usually competing companies that are unable to rank high on their own accord. Rather than perfecting their own SEO … Read More

09 Mar '20

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Hybrid Property Management New Website

We at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to share the end result of our latest project – the launch of Hybrid Property Management new and improved website. As a commercial real estate company that specializes in a wide variety of … Read More