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How To Deal With Negative Online Feedback

In a perfect marketing world, all small businesses would have five-star reviews and a positive online presence. But negative reviews and comments are bound to appear on your company’s social media platforms. The key is learning to differentiate between the … Read More

Intro to Facebook Messenger Bots

When Facebook Messenger was first announced in 2016, businesses everywhere were amazed by the potential customer service benefits. The new platform opened the door to custom bots and automated tasks.

Nowadays, customers are accustomed to having everything they need at … Read More

10 Jan '20

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Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems New Website

The team at Pink Dog Digital is thrilled to launch the new website for Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems. Multicorp has become a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, providing services to businesses across the East Coast.

An online presence … Read More

4 Ways to Better Paid Search Campaigns

To start off, let’s first go over the basics of paid search campaigns.

Paid search campaigns comes in a variety of different forms and names, but essentially allows companies to pay for ads on search engines or social media networks. … Read More