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Improve Your Digital Advertising with Strong Content

From one small business to another, Pink Dog Digital understands the importance of digital advertising. The endless advantages of digital advertising can include brand recognition, consumer literacy, and increased sales. Given these significant benefits, it is easy to understand why … Read More

23 Jan '19

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Low Budget Marketing Strategies That Will Attract Customers

If you own a small business and have tried all the new and expensive marketing strategies, you are not alone. But maybe it is time to take a step back towards the basics with low cost marketing strategies. Below are … Read More

10 Jan '19

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2019 Marketing Trends to Ignore (Yes, You Read That Right)

Over the past month there has been various speculations regarding the newest marketing trends of 2019, some of which are worthwhile, while some are worth ignoring. With the start of 2019 already in hindsight, we have seen some of these … Read More