April 16, 2020

Facebook Releases Major Updates to Messenger

In the past month, more people than ever have turned to technology in order to stay connected with family and friends. As a result, Facebook has released a variety of updates and improvements to the Messenger platform. Pink Dog Digital is here to fill you in on Messenger app changes.

facebook messenger

New desktop app

In addition to a mobile app, Facebook launched a new Messenger app for desktop. The app is available on Windows and macOS, and offers a wide variety of benefits.

Compared to other communication platforms, the Messenger desktop app offers unlimited, free group video and audio calls. The service allows unlimited participants, which makes it perfect for all occasions, from virtual family reunions to virtual networking events and seminars.

Messenger also makes it easy to connect with family, friends, or colleagues. Other platforms require contact information, such as phone numbers, usernames, or email addresses, in order to connect with someone. On Facebook Messenger, users can automatically connect with their connections on Facebook.

Messenger also does not require an additional subscription or service sign-up. If you have a Facebook account, then you automatically have a Facebook Messenger account.

Group video calls can be viewed on a larger screen, which makes it easier to see all participants. Plus, chat messages are automatically synced between devices which allows users to easily switch between desktop and mobile.

Easily multitask while on Messenger

Another great benefit of the Facebook Messenger desktop app is the ability to multitask. On the mobile app, it is difficult to multitask while remaining engaged in video calls or chat.

But on the desktop version, users can easily navigate back and forth between Messenger and other windows or apps. Or users can view Messenger and other windows at the same time by splitting the screen or minimizing the desktop app.

Users can also choose to enable desktop notifications, which are helpful when multitasking. If you are chatting with someone while working on other things, you do not have to keep the Messenger window open to continue the conversation. Users can continue doing what they need to do and Messenger will notify them if they receive a new chat or call.

Quiet Mode

With a majority of individuals working remotely, it is important to create a separate workspace within your home. This separate workspace should be organized and free of distractions.

The all-new “Quiet Mode” on Facebook is perfect for limiting distractions. When enabled, the Quiet Mode will pause push notifications, both within and outside of the app.

Facebook users can find this new mode under the “Your Time on Facebook” dashboard under “Settings & Privacy.” This dashboard also gives users insights on the average day spent on Facebook each day and encourages users to make the most of their time.

Users can choose to enable the Quiet Mode manually or on a set schedule during work hours.

Not only will this help Facebook users successfully work from home, but help users carve out time for family, sleep, and relaxation.

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