April 20, 2020

Dunbar Security Products New Website

All of us at Pink Dog Digital has been honored to work with such a world-renowned company as Dunbar Security Products, the most trusted name in security. Without further delay, PDD is happy to announce the launch of Dunbar Security Products’ new and improved website.

Dunbar Security Products

From the start, the team at Pink Dog Digital was committed to providing Dunbar with a website that upholds their distinguished and trusted reputation. To do so, PDD developed an interactive e-commerce platform to not only sell products and services, but provide valuable resources to users and consumers.

Under Shop, each product listing is complete with a description and related products section. Not only can users learn more about the product they are interested in purchasing, but can learn more about products that might be helpful or relevant to their small business.

Under Blog, users can learn more about how Dunbar’s security products can benefit their small business. A blog offers the perfect platform to answer frequently asked questions, showcase products, share industry news, and provide advice.

With over 80 years of experience in the security industry, the team at Dunbar has accumulated a stockpile of information. Informative and engaging blog posts allows Dunbar to establish themselves as experts in the field while boosting trust with their audience. It shows that Dunbar is not working solely to sell products, but to help small businesses effectively use these products.

The blog is not only helpful to current customers, but can help potential customers as well. A website that features a regularly updated blog is more likely to be ranked higher on search engine result pages than a website without. This means Dunbar’s website is more likely to reach a broader audience.

Dunbar Security Products is committed to helping their customers improve their security, productivity, and profitability. That is why Dunbar offers a “Buy With Confidence” guarantee. There is no better way to boost confidence and trust than by showcasing your commitment to consumers.

As we all know, first impressions matter. That is why Pink Dog Digital placed Dunbar’s guarantee prominently on the website’s homepage. This ensures the guarantee is one of the first things users and consumers see when visiting the website.

If a customer is going to the bank to deposit money, that customer wants to know they will be able to. There is nothing worse than getting turned away and instantly having to find another way to secure profits. Dunbar customers do not have to worry – all products are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with any bank specifications. This means small business owners will be able to securely transfer income without wasting time or taking risks.

The entire team at Pink Dog Digital is thrilled to be providing Dunbar Security Products’ with an online platform that will help maintain customer trust and reputation in the security industry. Just like Dunbar, PDD is committed to providing unique solutions that fit our client’s needs.

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