April 14, 2020

Hoplite Solutions New Website

The team at Pink Dog Digital is excited to be announcing the launch of Hoplite Solutions new website.

While the homepage is not necessarily the most important page on a website, it does play a crucial role for users. The homepage is meant to direct users to the pages and information that they need.

As an information technology company, Hoplite Solutions offers three main services: Cyber Security, Enterprise IT, and Intelligence Analysis. That is why Pink Dog Digital designed the homepage to lead visitors to learn more about Hoplite’ services.

Hoplite Solutions

Hoplite’s homepage features a brief introduction to the business, followed by a call-to-action button directing users to learn more about the range of services offered.

Under Services, the creative team at PDD developed a complete overview for each service. From there, users can further explore the service that best fits their needs.

Hoplite Solutions might be a small business, but their expertise and competency is anything but slight. But we do not expect you to take our word for it.

On each individual service webpage, Pink Dog Digital not only delves into each topic but also describes Hoplite’s capabilities and proven solutions.

The team at Hoplite Solutions is dedicated to delivering consistent solutions and products to their customers. Similarly, the team at Pink Dog Digital is committed to providing effective digital solutions.

The key to effective digital solutions is providing interactive websites that work for both businesses and consumers. This means knowing when to remain consistent and when to get creative.

There are certain features that should be the same no matter which company or digital marketing agency is building the website. These are design elements that users have come to know as standard and expect from all websites.

The logo in the top left-hand corner of each page directs users back to the homepage. There are identical headers and footers on each webpage, including clear navigation and contact information.

Hoplite Solutions is committed to hiring only the best. In order to do so, Hoplite always needs to always be looking for the best.

To make this a reality, Pink Dog Digital crafted an entire webpage for potential employees. Under Careers, users can learn more about the opportunities, work environment, and benefits that Hoplite Solutions has to offer.

In addition to the Careers page, every webpage is complete with a “Join Our Team” section within the footer. The corresponding CTA button directs interested users to learn more about Hoplite’s open positions.

Under Job Openings, candidates are able to search and filter results based on specific keywords and locations. Or users can simply read through all the listed job titles and descriptions. By clicking on an opening, users can learn the specific responsibilities and qualifications required for the position.

The team at PDD is committed to developing convenient and easy to use platforms. That is why our team not only made it easy to research Hoplite’s job openings, but allows users to submit an application directly on the website.

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