August 29, 2019

Facebook Adds More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

Let’s face facts: a majority of Facebook users join groups and follow pages only to remain silent members. Last November, Facebook introduced badges to combat the lack of engagement and communication within groups.

Group Badges

Page BadgesThe group badges serve to both highlight new or dedicated group members, while also ensuring admins and moderators are easily identifiable. The little notes and titles appear next to member names if they post or comment within the group.

The badges were designed to help members get to know each other and build a sense of community within the group. Building a supportive and friendly group atmosphere is crucial to group engagement.

The badges themselves have also shown to prompt engagement. For example, if a “New Member” posts in the group, other members may feel more inclined to respond and welcome them into the group.

Users will also be encouraged to post engaging content in the hopes of earning a sought-after badge, such as “Visual Storyteller” or “Conversation Starter.”

Page Badges

Due to the monumental success of group badges, Facebook has announced their latest development: Page Badges. The new initiative will serve to increase user engagement on business and community pages. The update has introduced four new badges, including “Top Fan”, “Anniversary Follower”, “Follower”, and “Milestone Follower.”

By following or liking a Facebook page, users will see page updates in their News Feed, including posts, photos, and videos. This published content can be valuable to potential consumers, but it is not enough to build a sense of community between followers. That is where page badges come into play.

What is a Milestone Follower on Facebook?

The badges add a new level of page interactions, offering personal signifiers to engaged fans. Users will now be able to easily identify fellow group members, which is bound to lead to increased group engagement and communication.

For example, if a user has a question about a product or service that the business offers, they can seek out a Facebook Milestone Follower or Top Fan in the hopes that they will have an answer or review to offer.

Facebook badges aid user to user relationships, but more importantly, they aid business to user relationships. These icons distinguish the different levels of followers in an attempt to better understand and connect with their audience.

With the milestone follower badge on Facebook, companies can identify and honor their devoted “Top Fans” with a special promo code or giveaway to thank them for their engagement. If your page has over 10,000 followers, you will see an option to “create posts just for your top fans.”

For users who are wondering how to get a milestone follower badge on Facebook, it’s all about the length of time you’ve been following the page and contributing to the community, which leads us to the next important point for businesses.

The support of anniversary followers can be acknowledged and properly thanked, as those who have reached milestones can be celebrated. Additionally, the relationships and interactions between pages and users will encourage others to comment and follow suit in this new tradition.

Whether your top fans are aiming for the milestone follower badge on Facebook or want to be a “conversation starter,” enabling badges encourages your followers to spend more time engaging with your brand.

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