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Google Password Checkup Extension to Safeguard Your Business

Although you may not realize, customers put a lot of trust in the companies they do business with. Companies invest valuable resources and income on marketing strategies, and in return, customers give time, effort, and most importantly, money. Given such an advanced relationship and level of trust, customers expect to be treated with the upmost […]

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2019 Marketing Trends
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2019 Marketing Trends to Ignore (Yes, You Read That Right)

Over the past month there has been various speculations regarding the newest marketing trends of 2019, some of which are worthwhile, while some are worth ignoring. With the start of 2019 already in hindsight, we have seen some of these trends take off just as predicted, while others have been written off as wishful thinking. […]

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Social Media Marketing 2019
Social Media

5 Trends in Social Media Marketing 2019

With the world of social media, trends are changing every day, so it is no surprise to hear that social media marketing 2019 will most likely consist of entirely new trends and ideas in 2019. Although it may seem difficult to constantly keep up with new gadgets and options, this task is surprisingly easier than […]

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Pink Dog Digital Rebranded

Pink Dog Digital Rebranded Yep – I Rebranded! When starting a new project, there is always one step that is extremely important, yet infuriating at the same time: deciding on a name. When I started this company, I spent weeks trying to figure out that perfect name, which I can now admit was a complete […]

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