July 18, 2019

How to Make Your Content Evergreen

In today’s social media climate, it is important to be extra cautious about the content you post online. Unlike print materials and advertising, online content does not expire – it is readily available and discoverable to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This is why is it so important to strategically create and post content that will be relevant to your business year-round. By following these five evergreen formats, your company’s content will remain a valuable asset to your business and online reputation, no matter how long it has been online.

“Create evergreen content that is useful and shareable. Avoid talking about trends, news articles, anything focused on pop culture. Highlight your content and make it easily accessible to your visitors.”

-Jeffrey Shipman from Hubshout

Blog Posts

The main purpose of blogging for business is to keep your audience updated on important company news and provide relevant information.

Given this definition, it is easy to fall in the bad habit of blogging about news and information that is only relevant at that point in time.

Instead, marketers should be focusing on producing content that will continue to benefit the company years down the road.

If the company has recently changed its mission, accomplished something directly related to the company’s mission or vision, or there is industry news that will change the company’s way of business – these are all monumental moments that should be memorialized within a blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do FAQs do wonders for your company’s SEO, but it offers a direct resource of information to users.

The best practices for developing FAQs is scanning comments or reviews of your business. More often than not, users will leave questions on social media platforms or search engine reviews, rather than submitting a comment request form.

The key is answering your audience’s burning questions while also keeping the Q&A’s broad enough to withstand time.

We would advise against adding specific FAQs about limited-time deals but would highly recommend posting answers to questions about products or services.

Generating content that will always be relevant to your audience and potential customers is essential to maintaining evergreen content.

How-To Guide

When a company releases a new line of products and services, it is usually followed by an announcement through social media or a blog post. But, in an attempt to stick to evergreen standards,

Pink Dog Digital suggests producing how-to guides for these types of announcements. In a way, how-to guides contain all the best aspects of marketing: textual content, photography, and sometimes even videography.

In addition to explaining the new line of products and services, users can view the object of the guide in real-time. Companies can produce videography content to showcase just how easy the products work, or how the services serve to improve quality of life.

Information about your company’s products and services never expires, which is why how-to guides are more valuable to users than an announcement that will only be relevant for a few months.

If you would like more information about evergreen content, need help developing evergreen content for your small business, or other digital marketing services contact Pink Dog Digital at (410) 696-3305, email us at info@pinkdogdigital.com, or visit us on the web at www.pinkdogdigital.com.

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