July 22, 2019

L. Abrams Website Launch

To say that all us at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to announce the new and improved web design and digital marketing of L. Abrams and Company LLC is an understatement. In so many ways, PDD and L Abrams are similar, but the most significant similarity comes from the values we hold.

Both companies believe the best approach is a personalized approach to business. Our strategies and services are tailored directly to fit the needs of our clients. We do what is best for them, not what it best for us.

This shared belief was the foundation of our relationship and the reason PDD knew exactly what was needed when Abrams and Company approached our team.

Founder Leah Abrams

Leah Abrams, the founder of L. Abrams & Co., previously worked for Arthur Anderson, one of the world’s largest accounting firms.

Leah’s time at Anderson was spent consulting large corporations and learning the ins and outs of the industry. But by 2012, Leah knew it was time for a change.

This notion quickly developed into what is now known as L. Abrams & Company LLC. Backed with extensive experience, education, and skill, the Abrams’ team is now dedicated to consulting small to mid-size companies.

This transition allows the team to better focus on client’s needs, educate clients, and overall have a greater impact on others.

The Abrams’ story is not unlike so many other small businesses, including Pink Dog Digital. This parallel is the reason PDD knew how important it was for Abrams’ origin story to be shared with the public. Read Leah’s entire story on the About Us page.

Homepage Website Design

L. Abrams

Abrams and Company’s business plan revolves around being different, so PDD’s plan was to showcase how their difference is better.

On the Home page, PDD’s creative team has skillfully designed the website to focus on how Abrams is a different type of accounting firm that provide measurable benefits to their clients.

The Abrams team prides themselves on being a resource to the small to mid-size business community.

To guarantee this mission, PDD prioritized providing a user-friendly and interactive web design. All pages, content, and contact information are straight-forward.

The Abrams’ team wants to use their platform to provide clients with a basic understanding of accounting, and how it directly relates to their business. But that is impossible if the clients are unable to reach out or find the valuable information.

Our Services Page

L. Abrams

Under the Our Services page, users can quickly learn if Abrams and Company offers the services they need. Under the submenu, users can choose between “Accounting & Auditing”, “Consulting & Advisory”, or “Tax.”

These three pages each offer a brief introduction to the topics. From there, the user can utilize the contact information provided at the bottom of each web page to learn more.

Pink Dog Digital is so excited to be a part of L Abrams & Company’s re-introduction to the world of digital marketing. The work of L Abrams & Co. is instrumental in the development and growth of so many businesses, our only hope is that they can say the same about our work for them.

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