July 11, 2019

How to Utilize the Instagram Stories Chat Sticker for Success

To say the landscape of digital marketing is always changing is an understatement. This is especially true for the state of Instagram. Just last week, Instagram launched their latest upgrade to the social media platform: Instagram Stories Chat Sticker.

The sticker’s main purpose is to help businesses build an engaged community by starting conversations, gaining followers, and participating in group chats with followers.

The feature was designed to give businesses the ability to chat with followers about topics relating to their company and mission. The perfect method to turning static viewers into engaged followers.

To initiate the chat sticker, start by creating an Instagram story as normal. Then tap the sticker icon on the top-right corner of your screen and choose “Chat.”

Once shared, your followers can simply tap the “Join Chat” sticker. As the host, you have the option to hand-pick the 31 followers you would like included in the group chat.

Just like every new social media update, Pink Dog Digital has your tips for using Instagram stories chat sticker to your business advantage.

Instagram Chat Sticker

Invite Followers to an Event

Is your company hosting a networking event, conference, seminar, or special in-store event? The Instagram story chat sticker is a great way to personally invite followers, share event details, or answer any questions.

The group atmosphere also serves to create a mini-community, which in turn, encourages users to attend the event and connect with fellow group members.

Plus, the ability to accept or deny certain followers also comes in handy here. When PDD hosts an event in the Baltimore area, we can select only Baltimore-based followers to join our chat.

Host a Focus Group

Is your company rolling out a new line of products? Deciding which new service to offer? Or simply have a question about which direction to take? What better way to get answers and insights than from your own customers!

Instead of creating a poll or quiz with standard answers, the Instagram stories chat sticker allows followers to give more authentic and inventive ideas and opinions. A group dynamic will encourage users to bounce ideas of one another and keep the conversation moving in a positive way.

Share Exclusive Deals

Using the Instagram stories chat sticker to share exclusive deals and promo codes is not only a great way to increase customer morale but convert followers into shoppers. These selected followers will gain a sense of exclusivity and feel more motivated than ever to take advantage of this personalized deal.

If the follower has had their eye on one of your products, this will give them to incentive to finally purchase it. It will also encourage the users that missed out to be more engaged – who knows what they might miss out on next.

If you would like more information about the new Instagram Stories Chat Sticker, need help managing your social media platforms, or other digital marketing services, contact Pink Dog Digital at (410) 696-3305, email us at info@pinkdogdigital.com, or visit us on the web at www.pinkdogdigital.com.

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