January 9, 2020

4 Ways to Better Paid Search Campaigns

To start off, let’s first go over the basics of paid search campaigns.

Paid search campaigns come in a variety of different forms and names, but essentially allows companies to pay for ads on search engines or social media networks. Paid search campaigns typically base their rate on a pay-per-click, PPC, or click-per-cost, CPC, model. This means the company pays every time a user clicks on their ad.

Many companies make the mistake of believing paid search to be a clear-cut approach – just simply pay money and your business will be prominently displayed. As with all digital marketing strategies, paid search is not so simple.

If your company wants to make the most out of paid search campaigns and PPC marketing this year, these four new features will improve your performance and practices.

paid search campaigns

Review and Incorporate New Google Ad Features

In order to better overall user experience, Google has been working to overhaul Ads with new features and extensions. These extensions allow companies to fully optimize their ad placements.

Google’s new gallery extension appears at the top of the SERP in a slideshow format. This allows users to swipe between images to choose which advertisement to select.

Google has also introduced a variety of new lead form extensions, serving to capture user interest and leads.

Experiment With New Platforms

You never know what might work for your company until you try it.

A majority of advertisers stick with the basics: Google and Facebook. These options are relatively safe and promising.

But testing out new platforms will lead to a whole new world of success in 2020.

Pinterest is often overlooked as a paid search avenue. Users often come to Pinterest searching for new ideas and inspiration, which makes it a great place to advertise products and services.

Snapchat and TikTok are the most promising platforms for targeting a younger audience. These content-sharing apps are perfect for brands wanting to show a comedic and authentic side.

Optimize For Mobile Ad Traffic

Mobile and desktop ads have always been close competition in terms of ad performance. But, in 2019, mobile advertisements quickly surpassed desktop as a way of generating clicks.

Adding message extensions to mobile paid search ads allows users to directly contact the company. If the user has a question, comment, or concern, they can quickly text your company for more information.

Message extensions encourage lead generation because users are more likely to send a text than make a phone call. Texting is overall less intimidating and more likely to produce positive results.

Reevaluate Metric Reports

Tracking paid search performance is crucial to success, but only if it is being used correctly. Nowadays all platforms have their own version of metrics. Companies should have a rigid schedule to check metrics that works for them, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly.

You should not be reporting every single metric available, only focus on the ones that are beneficial and actionable.

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