Digital Advertising

There are so many ways for you to advertise your services online. You can run Google Ad campaigns, pre-roll ads on streaming video sites, place your ads into the news feeds of social media channels, re-market to people who have already visited your site and so many other options. It’s overwhelming and can be very expensive to find the right option for your business.

As your digital advertising partner, PINK DOG DIGITAL will examine all the available angles to help you determine what is the best option for you, your intended audience and your budget. Our goal is to put you into the most appropriate platform without breaking the bank.

What Types of Ad Campaigns Do You Offer?

We are able to create campaigns in Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and create re-marketing campaigns that allow their ads to follow users around the internet, making them appear much larger than they are. We can also use geo-fencing as a way to target potential customers while they are in a particular location or during things like weather events.

For those unfamiliar with Google Ads, it is a platform which holds an automated auction using keywords that advertisers have incorporated into their pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Advertisers bid on keywords, and pay when someone clicks through to their site. You know when you type something into Google, and the first three searches start with “Ad” – those are Google PPC Ads, and they have a tremendous ROI. 

We also use social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to run digital advertisements. Each platform works a bit differently, but each one has the power to increase your business presence online. On Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, the digital ads incorporate pictures and/or video to grab a person’s attention while scrolling. This gives you the opportunity to show a prospective customer exactly what you have to offer, and if they’re interested, there can be a link to your site right underneath the multimedia. This will not only improve your click-through-rate, but will also give the customer the ability to reach out to you directly. How do these platforms know who to present your ads to, you may ask? Well, that’s where demographics and ad targeting comes in. If you are a flower shop owner in downtown Seattle, then you can tell Facebook and LinkedIn to primarily show your ads to people in the Seattle area, who are searching on Facebook and LinkedIn for flower shops near them. Yet another way to connect with a perspective customer that’s most likely very interested in your product. 

And lastly, if you’re really interested in targeting a specific demographic, then geo-fencing is the perfect digital advertising tool for you. Going back to the flower shop example, if you know that most of your customers buy funeral arrangements from you, then you can geo-fence the funeral parlors in town. This means that while the customer is at a funeral parlor location in town and looking at their phone, then your ad will be flooded into their feed; Perhaps giving them the idea to use your services.

Using these tools and more, our digital advertising campaigns are yet another way we can help you bring your services to others. Call Pink Dog Digital today at 1 (410) 696-3305, or click the link below to Contact Us. 

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