January 10, 2020

Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems New Website

The team at Pink Dog Digital is thrilled to launch the new website for Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems. Multicorp has become a leader in the commercial cleaning industry, providing services to businesses across the East Coast.


An online presence is crucial to the success of service area businesses. Service area businesses, or SABs, travel to their customer’s location to provide services.

Even though Multicorp has physical offices in Columbia and Essex, their team travels to their client’s locations to provide cleaning services. This means a fully optimized website is needed for clients to find Multicorp online.

Our creative team at Pink Dog Digital was able to design an optimized website by focusing on content and SEO.

The writers at PPD were able to skillfully craft content that best represents Multicorp’s mission and services. Every page has been carefully composed and monitored to increase Multicorp’s visibility on search engines, and more importantly, put Multicorp on consumer’s radar.

In the commercial cleaning industry, all clients have their own schedule. Some companies require daily cleaning, while other companies might need services on a weekly or monthly basis. This means that some commercial cleaning companies might not be able to build strong relationships with their clients.

Multicorp, on the other hand, is dedicated to building strong and authentic relationships with their customers. The team takes the time to truly get to know their clients on a personal level to understand their needs, rather than giving all clients the same standard cleaning.

Under the About Us page, PDD offers the full history behind Multicorp’s philosophy to give users a better understanding of the business as a whole.

For a company that prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of their clients, Pink Dog Digital knew it needed to be a priority on the website as well. The QA & Quality Management page showcases Multicorp’s commitment to quality assurance.

The quality management system allows Multicorp to provide an open line of communication between consumer and business. This encourages clients to give feedback, both positive and negative, that can help Multicorp continuously improve their business.

Pink Dog Digital knows that any company is only as strong as its team. At Multicorp, building effective teams and creating a positive team spirit is imperative.

The team at Multicorp knows their collaborative efforts is what makes them the best. That is why Pink Dog Digital was determined to help continue this synergic environment by dedicating two full webpages.

Under the Employment page, qualified cleaning professionals can easily apply for open positions directly on the webpage. As the business grows in both clients and territory, Multicorp is always looking to hire individuals that are committed to working in a team dynamic to provide superior services.

Whether you want to join Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems’s team, or book their services, all users can easily contact the team. At the end of all pages, visitors can find contact information, including phone numbers, address, and a contact form.

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are excited to partner with a leading force in the industry, such as Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Systems. As a company that puts our clients first and foremost, PPD is always thrilled to help other similar-minded businesses build a lasting digital platform.

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