January 16, 2020

Intro to Facebook Messenger Bots

When Facebook Messenger was first announced in 2016, businesses everywhere were amazed by the potential customer service benefits. The new platform opened the door to custom bots and automated tasks.

Nowadays, customers are accustomed to having everything they need at the touch of a button. Whether that be information or products and services, users can find everything they need on their mobile device. As a business, Facebook Messenger bots make it even easier than ever to give customers exactly what they want.

Sometimes it is not always convenient for a customer to call a company or visit a storefront. That is where Facebook Messenger bots come in handy. Consumers have the appeal of 24/7 customer service and can do virtually everything they need to do while communicating on Facebook Messenger.

Businesses have the ability to build their own custom bots into Facebook Messenger using the Wit.ai Bot Engine. Each company can start by programming their bot with simple commands and common answers.

From there, the chatbot will learn from each user interaction. Due to its artificial intelligence nature, the chatbots will learn to understand conversational language by parsing through common terms and phrases. The more users that utilize the bot, the more helpful the bot will be in the long run.

Facebook Messenger Bots

What Can A Facebook Messenger Bot Accomplish?

Provide Products and Services

Similar to a customer service representative, Facebook Messenger bots are meant to help customers complete standard tasks. If your company offers products and services, bots can walk customers through the buying process by asking simple questions and offering suggestions.

After the transaction is complete, the bot will automatically notify the user of any shipping updates or problems.

Deliver Information

If your company is a prominent source of information and resources, users can stay up to date all within the Facebook Messenger platform. With a simple prompt, a bot can sign the user up for automatic daily, weekly, or monthly messages all sent through the Messenger platform.

How Will Customers Find Your Facebook Messenger Bot?

Messenger Buttons

Facebook will automatically showcase a Messenger button on your business page. These buttons prompt the user to “Message Us” or “Send to Messenger.” Once on Messenger, the bot will initiate and carry-out the conversation.

Companies can also embed these Messenger buttons on their websites to drive leads to the bot.

Customer Matching

If a customer willingly gives a business their phone number, and permission to contact, that business can then reach out over Facebook Messenger. Once the user opts-in or responds to the message, the company’s bot can then automatically communicate with them both purchase or answer any questions.

Messenger Codes

Similar to Snapchat codes, Facebook Messenger codes are unique to every business. Within the Facebook Messenger app, users can scan codes by clicking on their own unique code. Selecting “Scan Code” will direct the user to the corresponding company or bot.

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