January 8, 2020

Satellite Industry Association (SIA) New Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are over the moon to be announcing the launch of the Satellite Industry Association’s new website.

Satellite Industry Association

Satellite Industry Association, or SIA, represents the leading domestic satellite industry members while working with key government officials to make policy changes.

In addition to being the voice of the satellite industry, SIA prides themselves on being a resource for both industry members and the general public.

PDD understands how important it is for websites to be informative yet engaging. With a state of the art web design approach, users can easily delve into the history of SIA and what they have been working on.

Under the Satellites & Services page, the team at Pink Dog Digital was able to craft an accurate introduction to satellites and their services that everyone can understand. Under each service, there are links that take users to another web page that further explains the specific service offered.

The slideshow on the homepage allows users to choose between News, Policy, and Events. When clicked, each image links the user to the corresponding web page that is jam-packed with more information.

The world of politics moves quick, but PDD does not want users to miss out on anything. Visitors can find all the latest industry news directly on SIA’s homepage. There is also a direct feed of SIA’s latest Tweets on the bottom of each page to keep users up to date on all breaking policy and industry news.

As a membership-based association, Pink Dog Digital recognized the need for a transparent website. PDD was able to capture this business transparency by offering a user-friendly web design. An user-friendly web design allows for users to easily find information and communicate.

Under Policy, Pink Dog Digital listed all the goals and mission behind SIA’s work. By listing these goals, industry members can understand what is being advocated on their behalf, as well as how it might affect them. Even more, potential members can determine whether or not they want to get involved. If yes, users can easily navigate to the Membership page located on the menu.

SIA is the voice of the domestic satellite industry, which means they need members to properly represent the opinions and views of the industry. Pink Dog Digital understands that each member makes SIA stronger and more impactful, so our team prioritized an easy and straightforward membership process.

Each different membership level is laid out carefully, complete with corresponding benefits and application links. If the user has any questions or needs any help applying, they can quickly get in touch with SIA using the contact information located at the bottom of the page.

Being accessible is crucial to the success of SIA, which is why PDD placed contact information at the end of each web page. That way, no matter where the user is on the website, they can easily locate SIA’s email, phone number, address, or even submit a contact request form.

Members can also quickly and easily login to their personal accounts by heading to the Members Only page located on the navigation menu.

Pink Dog Digital is excited to provide not only the Satellite Industry Association, but all their members, with a new website built to help make their voice heard.

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