January 2, 2020

Social Media Trend Predictions for 2020

Over the past decade, social media has become ingrained as a staple of society. Social media trends are constantly evolving as consumer and user behavior changes. Platforms are continuously working to improve their features in order to hold popularity and user engagement. User and platforms changes are somewhat unpredictable but can greatly impact how businesses utilize social media platforms.

Based on 2019, here are Pink Dog Digital’s predictions for the upcoming social media trend predictions in 2020.

social media trend predictions

Increased Use of Social Listening

Social media is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to business-consumer relationships. Social media platforms give users constant and unfiltered access to brands and companies. Users can discuss, comment, complain, or contact brands with a simple post or tweet.

Whether the user tags the brand or not, social listening allows brands to monitor what is being said about their products. By taking user feedback into account, brands can then improve their products and services, as well as provide better customer service. If a user complains about a specific product, the brand can then reach out to that user to try and better the situation.

Rise of Micro-Influencers

This year has seen the unmatched rise of social media influencers. Popular users with a massive following that can endorse your products to their audience for a price.

But consumers have gotten smarter. They no longer trust the mega and macro-influencers that promote any and all companies, regardless of what they really think about the products.

In 2020, users and businesses alike are more likely to put their faith in micro-influencers. Micro-Influencers still have influence over their audience, but their suggestions and product placements are more authentic and trust-worthy.

Since micro-influencers generally have a specific niche, they are considered industry experts or specialists. This allows them to build stronger relationships with their followers, which encourages users to trust their recommendations and opinions more than a larger influencer.

Decreased Negative Impact on Health

You can not have the good without the bad, and rule still applies when it comes to social media.

Individuals who are obsessed with social media become obsessed with how many likes their photos and videos get. This can lead to numerous mental health issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, and feelings of loneliness.

Individuals who spend too much time on social media can also experience negative effects to their overall health including eye strain or lack of sleep.

To combat this unhealthy obsession, many social media platforms are testing new features that will serve to curb the obsession in 2020.

Instagram and Facebook have already released a few features in 2019, including disabling the number of likes on a post.

Augmented Reality

It is safe to say that Snapchat has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to filters and augmented reality.

AR allows users to overlay digital effects on the real world using their smartphone camera. The technology offers Snapchat users interactive AR experiences that including gender-swapping, age-modifications, or even dancing animations.

In 2020, we predict that augmented reality filters will become more mainstream on social media platforms. Businesses can use augmented reality to allow users to try on products, visualize home renovations, or even tour locations.

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