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27 Nov '18

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Pink Dog Digital Rebranded

Pink Dog Digital Rebranded

Yep – I Rebranded!

When starting a new project, there is always one step that is extremely important, yet infuriating at the same time: deciding on a name. When I started this company, I spent weeks … Read More

Marketing Testimonial: Jeff Goldman

Gina runs circles around her competition, she has a deeper understanding of marketing in today’s digital environment than anyone I have been associated with in the past.

— Jeff Goldman, Publisher, Best Version Media

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Gina Ramsey Authentic Web Services

Although there are many great qualities I could mention about Gina Ramsey, the one that stands out is how she provides authentic web services. She values your time as well as her own, which means she won’t waste your time … Read More

Networking Testimonial: Zachary Mainstay

Gina Ramsey is really a fine businesswoman. She is a master networker and is really there to help those around her. She is always there for you and always willing to help.

— Zachary Mainstay

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