November 27, 2018

Pink Dog Digital Rebranded

Pink Dog Digital Rebranded

Yep – I Rebranded!

When starting a new project, there is always one step that is extremely important, yet infuriating at the same time: deciding on a name. When I started this company, I spent weeks trying to figure out that perfect name, which I can now admit was a complete waste of time. I searched through hundreds of ideas online, and finally thought I found the one. It described what I wanted this company, and all my client’s companies to do, which was “take off”.

After that, I went full steam ahead. I revolved my whole brand around this “perfect” idea. Everything you could think of was oriented around rockets, from the logo to the webpage, even our stationary.  But weeks later, after all the time and effort put into branding this company, I found myself disliking the idea more and more every day.

I started seeing rockets everywhere I turned, it’s like they were following me, mocking me. They were on sports jerseys, birthday cards, and even prominent in the news thanks to Elon Musk. One day I was texting to my friend about how I wanted to rebrand already, and I noticed rockets even had their own emoji on my phone. “Alright, that’s it”, I thought. When people saw this company, I wanted them to immediately think “Gina”; not see my logo and just disregard it like everything else rocket-themed. This was the company I had been waiting 13 long years to build, I needed something more original, more me. So, I went back to the drawing board.

One evening I was sitting at home searching “unique brand name ideas”. As I closed another useless tab, I realized I needed a break. As I began to stand up, my dog Kiki who was laying on the ground next to me, rolled over onto her back; a deliberate cry for belly rubs. I stood there for a moment laughing, looking down at her. She kind of looked like a little pink pig. Her summer coat was shedding, and I could see the pink skin underneath her black coat. And in that moment, Pink Dog Digital was born. Instantly, I knew this was the name that I had been waiting for, and it was right there the whole time. I honestly don’t know why I never thought of this idea sooner. If you know me, you know I’m a dog person. We have three pooches and two of them were “foster fails” It makes sense that I would bring that passion into my newest venture.

Pink Dog Digital Rebranded
Kiki – Chief Inspiration Officer

So, here we are. New name, new logo, new tagline – but still the same old company and mission. To learn more and get started with us, please visit our website and contact us.