February 20, 2019

Google Password Checkup Extension to Safeguard Your Business

Google Password Checkup ExtensionAlthough you may not realize, customers put a lot of trust in the companies they do business with. Companies invest valuable resources and income on marketing strategies, and in return, customers give time, effort, and most importantly, money. Given such an advanced relationship and level of trust, customers expect to be treated with the upmost respect in return. So, do not put your marketing efforts to waste by scaring away loyal customers. Protect your consumer base by implementing Google’s latest addition, the Google Password Checkup extension.

The act of hacking into digital databases to steal private passwords and credentials has become a prominent crime in the digital world. With the rise of digital-based businesses and platforms, the number of malicious attacks is only mounting. Thankfully, Google’s Password Checkup has made it easier than ever to ensure both your company and your customers are protected against these nefarious intruders.

When attempting to protect your information, the most important action you can take is regularly changing your passwords. Although this step seems like an obvious and simple fix, it is often the step that is most overlooked, which leads to major risk. For individuals who use the same password for every account, or a variation of the same password for the past 10 years, this is the extension for you.

The new Google Password Checkup extension is designed to alert companies if any private information is vulnerable. By scanning through hacked databases or online leaks, Google will notify individuals if their password has been publicly exposed. If your password has been compromised, Google will suggest your password be changed immediately.

This extension is not only completely free, but easy to install. After entering the Chrome Webstore, simply search for the Password Checkup extension and select “Add to Chrome.” After installation, the Password Checkup icon will appear in your browser bar. Those two simple steps are all it takes to protect yourself and your customers.

While this extension aims to protect your company, we understand some individuals are concerned about Google storing your information. But, this is not the case. Google has developed a complex system that ensures private information remains private. Rather than storing a copy of your passwords or credentials, Google stores a “strongly hashed and encrypted copy of the data.” Although Google is attempting to protect your information, it does not necessarily need to know your information to do so. Google uses tactics called blinding and private information retrieval to scan through the leaked data, meaning no information is revealed during the search.

Customers should remember companies for their impressive products and services, not for exposing their confidential information. Protect your information, and more importantly, your reputation, by installing Google Password Checkup extension.

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