May 14, 2020

Online Reputation Management Strategies to Keep Positive Online Presence

You can not control a bad review or negative media attention. Brands can only control their company posts. That is why it is so important to have online reputation management strategies to help keep online presence positive.

Online reputation management involves monitoring all mentions of your brand on social media and online platforms. This reactive approach gives companies the opportunity to respond to all feedback, both negative and positive.

Using these online reputation management strategies, companies can combat negative attention before it has the chance to get worse.

online reputation strategies

Answer promptly and directly

The best form of online reputation management is addressing problems before public criticism occurs. If a user reaches out privately through your website or social media, respond as soon as possible to prevent further issues. If brands do not reply to customers in a timely fashion, the then frustrated user will start posting negative public feedback for other users to see.

Show your customers that you care by answering questions and comments quickly and honestly. A company’s response to negative reviews should express genuine concern and the desire to fix the problem. Start by stating how this outcome was not intended, and then tell the user what the next steps will be in solving the issue.

Do not ignore negative comments

You know what they say: “the Internet is forever.” Brands can not simply ignore negative online comments and hope that they go away. Over 4 out of every 5 consumers read online reviews before purchasing a product or service.

Instead of ignoring the problem, brands should be working to address each and every negative review and issue. Your response not only shows the current customer that you care about them but also show future customers that if they encounter a problem, the company will be there to fix it.

An unanswered negative review leaves the chain open to wide speculation and even further negative attention. Addressing negative feedback allows companies to diffuse situations before they do more damage to the brand’s reputation.

Show remorse when apologizing for mistakes

No one ever said marketing was easy. Sometimes even the most well-thought-out marketing campaign can leave audiences feeling angry or offended.

The best response to any reputation scandal is a sincere apology. Owning up to mistakes will help break the tension and rebuild consumer relationships. Taking the defensive side is never the answer.

Users want to know their opinions and feelings matter and the brand is doing what they can to right their wrongs. This can be accomplished by publishing a public statement on websites and social media channels. The apology should acknowledge the scandal and explain what is being done to ensure this scandal will never happen again.

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