May 7, 2020

Instagram Checkout: How To Drive More Sales

In 2019, Instagram Checkout was released to help both brands and users. The Checkout feature was designed to allow users to purchase products and services from brands without having to leave the Instagram app.

Since consumers prefer simplicity and convenience, this two-step process has been an extremely popular form of consumerism. But this tool alone is not enough, brands should follow these tips in order to drive more Instagram Checkout sales.

Instagram Checkout

Product tags

Product tags were made for a reason, so use them and use them consistently. Every time you post on Instagram, make sure you are tagging the products pictured in the image.

The tags give users valuables insights on products, including name and price. After clicking on the tag, the user will be directed to another page that offers more images, descriptions, and related items. The user can also add the item to their shopping cart or purchase the item directly from this page on Instagram’s app

If you are not consistently using product tags, you are most likely losing potential conversions and sales. Users are less likely to leave the Instagram app and manually search for the product on the Internet.

Share exclusive items

Another great way to drive Instagram sales is by sharing exclusive items or deals that users can only get on the app.

If you are hosting an event, give your Instagram followers early access to tickets. Or give your followers a special discount or incentive to shop.

Not only is this a great way to build a loyal and engaged Instagram community, but it also shows your followers how much their support means to you by giving back.

Utilize shoppable Instagram Stories

In addition to shoppable posts, Instagram has released stoppable Stories.

Brands can simply post an image of their product or service and add a product sticker. The stickers will allow viewers to browse and purchase these items directly from your IG story. This simple click of a button might not seem revolutionary, but in reality, it is much more appealing than the alternative “swipe up” feature.

Provide multiple call-to-actions

Overall, Instagram Checkout is a great way to encourage conversions, but it should not be the end all be all. Some users might be interested in buying the product but might not want to buy it right this moment.

That is why it is a good idea to provide multiple call-to-actions on the platform. In addition to sales, brands should direct followers to their bio and website. This allows users to learn more about the brand in order to build recognition and trust.

Brands should also provide information that can be used at a later time. This could include providing product names and codes within the caption so users know what to search for when it is time for them to checkout.

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