May 14, 2021

Google Releases New Product Reviews Update in Search Results

In an effort to better serve users, Google is always working to improve the information shown on search results pages – and the latest update to Google’s search ranking algorithm is meant to do just that. 

The product review update is designed to rank well-researched, detailed content over brief product summaries. When looking up products and services, a majority of users are attracted to more comprehensive content compared to reviews full of filler and fluff. That being said, this new update ensures Google’s results pages will now prioritize product reviews that will be the most beneficial and helpful for searchers. 

Product Reviews Update

As with any algorithm update, businesses will have to make appropriate changes to their content marketing strategies to ensure their website does not lose traffic or rankings. 

If your website does not publish product reviews, then there is no need to worry, this update will have zero effect on your business. 

If your website does publish product reviews, we recommend adopting these helpful tactics immediately to create better content. 

Express Expert Knowledge 

With the new product reviews update, Google Search aims to provide users with content that offers original research. For that very reason, the new algorithm prioritizes product reviews written by experts or enthusiasts, since these authors understand the topic completely and will be able to supply insightful analysis. 

If your brand has team members that consider themselves product experts, then it would be best to have them write or guide all product reviews going forward. But if your brand would prefer to outsource this task, then use this opportunity to invite guest bloggers to craft content for your website. This could include industry experts, influencers, or even current consumers. 

Not only do these guest writers possess expert knowledge, but they will be able to use this knowledge to thoroughly explain what sets your product apart from its competitors. Product reviews should also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the product, based on research and personal experience. 

Detailed Description 

Users can visit just about any generic website to find a short summary of a product they are interested in. In order to really stand out to both Google Search and the people searching, product reviews need to be detailed and all-encompassing. Brands need to provide content that goes above and beyond what the manufacturer description would offer. 

Rather than simply providing measurements and technical specifications, brands should take a holistic approach when describing the product. This means describing the shape, texture, relative size, material, smell, or color. 

Aside from physical attributes, the best product reviews will also give a detailed account of the various functions. Many brands use video demonstrations or “how to” guides to describe the different ways in which a product can be used for different purposes. In order to improve content, brands should incorporate these descriptions into their product reviews. Providing a comprehensive guide for the product will be extremely helpful for both prospective consumers who want to learn more before purchasing and users that have already purchased but need help. 

If your website is offering unique and one-of-a-kind product descriptions, then Google will rank your page higher than other websites with information that is not as beneficial to users. 


When writing product reviews, and all content for that matter, it is important to remember the audience you are trying to persuade. A perfectly crafted product review has the power to turn interested users into paying customers. 

A majority of users read product reviews because they are interested in purchasing, but they want to make sure they are buying the product that best fits their needs. In order to assure users and comply with the product reviews update, brands should include comparable products in reviews when possible. 

By offering different products that are best for certain uses and situations, users will be confident when choosing the product for them. Since the new Google Search algorithm is looking for product reviews that are able to accomplish just that, comparable content will help brands consistently rank higher than other brands that are not as descriptive or complete. 

For all businesses, the ultimate goal is to build strong relationships and establish a base of lifetime customers. These are customers that keep coming back to your brand to buy the same products and services. 

For these types of users, it can be extremely beneficial for brands to include an in-depth explanation of how a product has evolved or changed from model to model. That way, if a user already owns the product, the review should be able to persuade them to upgrade to the latest version. 

This can be accomplished by addressing any issues or problems in the older model, and subsequently describing how the new product offers superior performance and user experience. 

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