May 27, 2021

Acme Supply Company, LLC Website Launch

As always, the Pink Dog Digital team is excited to announce the launch of our latest and greatest work, the website for ACME Supply Company, LLC.

ACME Supplies specializes in delivering materials and equipment to project job sites. Developers, contractors, subcontractors, government municipalities, and other authorized field supervisors can easily request immediate delivery at the push of a button on their smartphone or electronic device.

Under Products, current and prospective consumers can discover all the materials and equipment that ACME Supplies has to offer, including lights, construction PPE, janitorial, ceilings, tools, windows, flooring, and more.

The purpose of a products page is to facilitate the buying process by helping users determine what to purchase. To achieve this, the PDD team designed the product pages with a focus on information and assurances. Each individual product subpage offers detailed product information, product variations, brand names, and clear product images. These pages also serve to answer any questions the visitor might have about the product itself, as well as shipping and delivery.

The Acme Supplies team understands how important their products are to the success of a company’s project, which means they are committed to making the order fulfillment process as easy as possible. In an effort to speed up delivery time and increase order accuracy, Pink Dog Digital installed an automated Purchase Order generator at the bottom of every webpage.

For the best conversion rates, call-to-actions button need to stand out from the crowd. For the Purchase Order generator, the team at Pink Dog Digital strategically designed the call-to-action button to match the ACME Supplies brand color: bright red. Aside from the brand’s logo at the top of the website, the only other red design element is this specific CTA button. Given its contrasting appearance, the user’s attention is immediately drawn to the button and they immediately recognize its importance, which encourages them to click on it.

After clicking on the “Get Purchase Order” CTA button, the user is directly to another page where they can fill out the form to submit their online request. All the consumer needs to do is enter in the required information and click submit – the ACME Supplies team takes care of the rest from here.

If the visitor needs more information about pricing prior to placing an online order, they can use the convenient contact form at the bottom of each webpage to request a quote. Simply enter your name, company, contact information, project, and supplies or equipment needed.

If the visitor would like to contact the ACME Supplies team directly, they can use the company contact information located in the website’s footer. PDD also placed other quick and useful information in the footer, including social media links, email subscription signup, and accreditations.

Under Clients, ACME Supplies is able to honor the various organizations and agencies they consider to be their biggest supporters. As a small business, ACME Supplies takes pride in the high-quality products they provide their clients, and now they have the website to prove it.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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