June 26, 2020

What is LinkedIn Live & How Should I Use It?

LinkedIn is the latest social network to hop on the live streaming bandwagon. 

LinkedIn Live allows individual users and business pages to broadcast live video content to their network. With over 700 million active users, live streaming on this platform is a great way to advance your company while achieving marketing goals. 

If you are considering incorporating LinkedIn Live into your marketing strategies, consider reading to discover the best ways to do so. 

Virtual Events

In addition to live streaming features, LinkedIn also offers event services. The LinkedIn Events feature allows users to easily create, manage, and join professional events. 

As the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, more and more brands are turning their focus to virtual events. In response, LinkedIn has announced an integration between their LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events features to create a new virtual events solution. 

Instead of uploading a pre-recorded seminar or presentation, a LinkedIn virtual event allows you to connect with your audience by live streaming in real time. This will keep your audience engaged and interested by answering questions and responding to comments as they happen. 

Not only will you be able to reconnect with current followers, you will be able to expand your audience and network. Once you have created your virtual event, you can invite followers of your business page and your own first-degree connections. 

Event attendees can then share the event with their connections and followers and so on and so forth. Brands can maintain their current audience while appealing to similar users in their target demographics.


Aside from growing your audience, LinkedIn is a great place for brands to build their team. The platform offers a variety of features for both recruiters and job-seekers. 

With LinkedIn Live, companies can introduce staff members, partners, give office tours, show workplace culture, and answer common questions from potential employees. 

Broadcasting live panels or Q&A sessions with employees will encourage engagement from your audience. Chat with team members about their role and what they love about working for the company. By showcasing all your company has to offer, you will open the door to great talent. Where they will be working and who they will be working with is just as important to applicant’s as what they will be doing. 

Companies can even discuss current job openings and job descriptions. This will allow prospective applicants to get to know the team before interviewing, learn about the day-to-day tasks, and understand requirements and prerequisites. By being open and upfront about brand needs, companies can avoid wasting their time, as well as the applicant’s time. 

Announce Company News

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has established itself as a professional social media platform. This means it is a great place for your brand to announce company news, such as a new product or partnership. 

While a simple post will get the job done, LinkedIn Live provides companies with endless creative and engaging opportunities. 

When launching a new partnership on LinkedIn Live, representatives from both companies can come together to discuss the specifics. This includes how the partnership came about, what the partnership entails, what the partnership means to both brands, and specific goals. 

By launching a new product on LinkedIn Live, you have a rare opportunity to both announce, educate, and interact with your audience all in real-time. During the live stream, team members can conduct a live demonstration, answer any questions or concerns, give live support, and receive immediate feedback.

LinkedIn users scroll through hundreds of posts everyday. While your post might gain some attention and traction, it will not impact the user as much as watching a live stream will. Users can listen to company news happen in real-time and put faces to the names behind the brand. This will humanize the brand and strengthen the relationship between business and consumer.

Establish Yourself As Industry Leader

Unless you have capitalized on a niche market, your company is likely just one brand name among hundreds within your industry. That is why it is so important to establish your brand as an industry leader.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is a great platform to use in order to establish yourself as an industry leader, especially when using LinkedIn Live. 

Using LinkedIn Live, you can host a live stream to discuss industry news and advancements. Or use your reputation and your relationships to your advantage by collaborating with other prominent industry leaders – build your reputation by association. You can host a conference to discuss industry trends or lead a virtual panel to discuss industry issues.

Another great way to establish yourself as an industry leader is by showing expertise. Using LinkedIn Live, you can share tricks of the trade or host how-to webinars on industry topics. Try to think of topics your audience would be interested in learning about. This might include frequently asked questions, services, or any other content that will keep your audience interested.  

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