June 23, 2020

Safeguard Maintenance Corporation Website Launch

Pink Dog Digital is delighted to be announcing the launch of Safeguard Maintenance Corporation’s new and improved website.

safeguard maintenance corporation website

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has come to realize just how important it is to keep your surroundings clean. All of us at PDD are excited to be working with a company that is committed to helping others remain safe and healthy.

At Pink Dog Digital, we know the goal of a homepage is to grab the user’s attention and motivate them to explore the rest of the webpage. That is why we have incorporated a slideshow of strong visuals that not only to share factuals about the company, but also encourage them to click on the call-to-button. Each CTA button will direct the user to another webpage where they can read more about Safeguard.

The team at Safeguard is not only committed to providing expert janitorial services to keep individuals safe, they also utilize earth-friendly techniques to keep the environment safe. To further showcase their commitment to using “green” products, the creative team at PDD used green design elements through the website.

Under Services, users can learn more about all the professional cleaning services provided by Safeguard. This includes janitorial, emergency, floor care, window washing, and post-construction cleaning.

As a small business, it is important to show your current and prospective customers that you care about them. The team at Safeguard shows that they care by responding to their client’s individual needs.

The Facilities Served page describes all the different secure facilities and buildings they have serviced. To cater to their diverse customer base, Safeguard is dedicated to providing an individualized and unique approach to every client depending on their needs and requirements.

Safeguard Maintenance Corporation does not take their responsibility lightly. For every project, they create a custom schedule and staff accordingly. Aside from the regularly scheduled cleaning services, Safeguard has members working around the clock to provide 24-hour response in the event of a maintenance emergency.

In order to uphold this full-time commitment, the team at Pink Dog Digital wanted to ensure all users would be able to contact Safeguard no matter what. This included placing contact information at the top and bottom of every webpage, as well as designing a Contact Us page.

In addition to meeting the standards of clients, Safeguard also holds its entire team responsible for meeting company standards and safety procedures.

Safeguard believes each and every individual team member makes a difference in the company as a whole. That is why Pink Dog Digital made this page a priority. Each team member has their own individual profile, complete with name, title, photo, and email address. A “meet the team” page is an important step in the user’s journey from viewer to customer. Putting faces to the names makes the company feel real and not just like another website.

For the past 44 years, Safeguard Maintenance Corporation has been growing their service area. As of right now, Safeguard has five active service areas but the team at Pink Dog Digital hopes this new website will help Safeguard’s team become even bigger.

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