May 9, 2019

Website vs Google My Business: Which is More Valuable For My Business?

With all the advanced marketing tools available to small businesses, it is easy to lose sight of which tools to prioritize. Many believe digital marketing only refers to social media and online advertisements, but in reality, these components primarily serve to lead customers back to the marketing tool that started it all: websites.

With the development of Google My Business, many companies believe it is no longer necessary to dedicate the quality time and effort to maintaining a website. Here are the options between Google My Business vs. Website.

Website and Google My Business

Customers trust websites over GMB and other local listings

When a phone number or hours of business change, companies tend to instinctively update their website first. This is because the website is controlled entirely by an internal team, which means updating information is extremely easy and instantaneous.

Website designers can even create drafts or schedule changes to the website to be published at a certain time. Local listings, on the other hand, have to be manually changed each time by the company, that is, if the company has claimed their local listing account.

Even if the company has control over its GMB or local listing, this does not always mean the information is accurate. If a holiday is approaching, companies tend the simply make an announcement on their website rather than changing every single local listing for a day.

Local listings are only good for quick information

Google My Business Local Listings Marketing

The main purpose of Google My Business websites and other local listings services are to provide quick information. Websites act as the true resource for company information, product descriptions, services, testimonials, and pricing.

Local listings can inform potential customers which businesses are open at that time, but this minor detail is not enough for a customer to make an educated decision.

Almost 92% of consumers visit websites before deciding which small business to use.

Websites play a large role in the decision-making process of customers, so it is important for companies to not only provide a website but prioritize the development and maintenance of that site.

Websites offer a platform for rich content, such as images and company specifics that have no place on local listings.

This content serves to attract consumers and encourage them to interact with the business. If a company does not prioritize the value of their website, potential customers will not hesitate to move on to other businesses that do.

Poorly maintained websites deter potential customers

Example of bad website

An average of 91% of users admit they would be deterred from giving their business to a company if their website contains any errors, including out-of-date information, poorly written content, and lack of product descriptions or pricing.

With such a high standard of perfection, it is important for companies to take note of this expectation and respond accordingly.

Routine website auditing and adjustments are necessary in order to attract potential customers and retain current customers. While customers expect accurate information and rich content, they also expect a quality website design.

Accurate information means nothing to potential customers if they cannot navigate the website in order to find these details. User-Friendly web design encourages customers to explore the website and shop for products and services.

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