June 17, 2019

Team Baltimore Racing Website Launch

Team Baltimore Racing is back and better than ever. Pink Dog Digital is pleased to announce the launch of Team Baltimore Racing’s new website.

As a Baltimore based company, the team at PDD was eager to provide TBR a new state-of-the-art website to showcase upcoming races and highlight the commitment this team has to show all the good Baltimore has to offer.

From the very beginning of their journey, Team Baltimore Racing recognized their unique ability to use their racing platform as a chance to highlight the good things that happen in the Baltimore community.

Team Baltimore Racing

TBR’s Web Design

To honor this unique platform, Pink Dog Digital believed Team Baltimore Racing deserved a unique online platform of their own. Rather than having a traditional multi-page website, TBR’s website consists of a single-page web design.

In single-page web design, all visual and textual content is presented directly on the homepage, meaning there is no need to transition from one page to the next to find more information.

If racing fans are anything like their sport of choice, they prefer quick speeds and direct information, which is exactly what a single-page web design offers.

No waiting for additional pages to load or searching multiple pages for a specific piece of information, all the content is right in front of you. To ensure a user-friendly platform, Pink Dog Digital implemented a menu at the top of the website, which allows visitors to easily navigate the distinct sections of the page.

Any fan of Team Baltimore Racing, or racing in general, knows it is all about what is coming up next. In this case, it is the Broadmoor 97th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, otherwise known as the Race to the Clouds.

By placing a video introduction and race description at the forefront of the website, all visitors can immediately discover what TBR is doing next and how they can get involved.

Under the About The Team section, Pink Dog Digital clearly and creatively defined the how and why behind the Team’s foundation.

Team Baltimore Racing explains how “winning a legal race in our Home Town was always a dream and putting a positive spin on the good things that happen in Baltimore was at the forefront of our mission.”

TBR is dedicated to supporting and engaging with those who make a difference in the Baltimorecommunity, including Boy Scouts of America, Catholic Charities, the University of MD Pediatrics, the Wounded Warrior program, the National Aquarium, the American Heart Association, and the United States Air Force Athletic program.

Team Baltimore Racing’s commitment to Baltimore stems from the founder’s roots and history with the great city.

Under the About The Founders section, PDD was able to skillfully express the history, experience, and accomplishments of the two co-founders of TBR.

Following the Founders passage, the website now offers a gallery from past races, including photos of the racers in action, but most importantly, the cars.

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