June 17, 2019

Cignal Corporation Website Launch

Pink Dog Digital is pleased to present the new and improved website design of Cignal Corporation. In the construction industry, there is no such thing as hiring a company before viewing previous properties.

It is for this very reason PDD worked tirelessly to create a portfolio that captured the range of services Cignal Corporation offers.

From the beginning, Pink Dog Digital knew Cignal Corporation was a construction company unlike any others. CignalCorp is a full-service company, meaning their expertise includes developing, constructing, leasing, and property management.

Our team at Pink Dog Digital recognized the impressive and extensive array of services CignalCorp offers, which is why we expertly placed the company’s tag line on the forefront of the homepage.

The purpose of a website is to give visitors a better understanding of the company, and this prominent placing of a tag line will serve to show consumers what CignalCorp has to offer.

Cignal Corporation’s Portfolio

When we say CignalCorp does it all, we really mean it. Since 1982, CignalCorp has made a name for themselves by building a vast portfolio of both residential and commercial properties.

Under the navigation menu, residential and commercial properties are divided into two distinct webpages to showcase both core services.

On the Commercial page, Pink Dog Digital was able to effectively convey the combination of skilled craftsmanship and high-quality interior finishes that consumers have come to expect from CignalCorp.

But do not take our word for it, the finishing touches on the commercial resume come from the photographs of current and completed office projects.

On the Residential page, consumers can marvel at CignalCorp’s take on modern communities designed for contemporary lifestyles.

When you believe in the work you do, it is rewarding to continually reinvest your efforts. That is why the team at CignalCorp created its own internal Property Management department to provide hands-on proactive management and relationship building with tenants of their properties.

The user-friendly design encourages user to visit the link provided to discover the endless properties available to rent or own, both national and international.

“Build a Better Tomorrow”

Behind every great company is a great mission. CignalCorp’s mission is to build a better tomorrow to meet Baltimore’s diverse needs.

Pink Dog Digital proudly recognizes the dedication and commitment CignalCorp shows to the community of Baltimore.

For such a community-driven company, it was a priority for PDD to establish CignalCorp as widely accessible by their loyal customers and the public.

At the bottom of each webpage, consumers can easily connect with CignalCorp on social media, complete a contact form, or reach the team by email or phone.

Pink Dog Digital is proud is shine a spotlight on CignalCorp, but we are not the only ones to recognize this talent.

To showcase all the media attention and communications CignalCorp has received over the last two decades, PDD has implemented a stand-alone Press page.

Most small businesses make the mistake of hiding their media coverage in obscure webpages, but in reality, a dedicated page for press makes a world of difference.

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to launch a website for such a prestigious company such as this. Cignal Corporation is a full-service development company, and now, they have a full service online platform to show for it.

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