November 20, 2019

MMARS-RC Website Launch

This week, Pink Dog Digital is excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new websites: MMARS and their sister company MMARS-RC.


While MMARS focuses on providing care management services, MMARS-RC is committed to helping patients navigate these services. By providing resources and support services, MMARS-RC serves to help clients live their happiest life by fulfilling goals and needs.

The team at MMARS-RC knows their commitment to their clients is what makes them the best. With a strong mission at the center of their work, Pink Dog Digital knew it was important to not only showcase their philosophy but effectively convey what that means to current and potential clients.

On the homepage, users can discover how MMARS-RC lives up to its philosophy: “Your Choice, Your Goals.” Their services are not set in stone, each support plan is custom-designed with the individual in mind. Instead of making life choices for individuals, they work together as partners.

The team at MMARS-RC believes that building a relationship with their clients and learning what is important is the only way to move forward and fully serve their clients. Once they learn your goals, they will help you achieve those goals, all while breaking down obstacles and helping to remain truly happy along the way.

For a company that prioritizes the choices of their clients, Pink Dog Digital knew that needed to be a characteristic of their web design as well. That is why the team at PDD designed a pillar page titled Why Choose MMARS-RC.

Under this page, users can learn more about what their Resource Coordinators have to offer, including skill, location, and references. Both MMARS-RC and PDD believe in providing valuable information so that others may make an educated decision.

The healthcare industry can be confusing and overwhelming, many clients may not even recognize problems or know what might be missing from their care management. The MMARS-RC team has the knowledge and experience to identify these problems and keep your process moving forward.

To give visitors a sense of all the services MMARS-RC provides, the writers at Pink Dog Digital were able to skillfully craft content for the services page. Ranging from access and advocacy to supervision and regular contact, the team is making a difference in care management options.

In the medical industry, it is easy for the patient’s needs and wants to be overlooked or ignored. Working as an advocate for their patients, MMARS-RC serves to ensure every voice is heard and every want or need is fulfilled.

To fix this common communication problem, Pink Dog Digital made sure MMARS-RC was available 24/7. On the Contact Us page, users can submit a contact request form at any time, day or night. This interactive web design feature allows for an open line of communication between MMARS-RC and their clients.

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