November 21, 2019

Instagram in 2020: Creative and Aesthetic Trends

There is no denying the impact and powerful position that Instagram has in the world. Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly changing as businesses, influencers, and brands attempt to visually appeal to users. Not only must businesses produce aesthetically pleasing content for their feed (with Instasize), but they must also utilize Instagram Stories and IGTV to capture their audience.

In an effort to help our small business community stay relevant and creative in the coming year, here are the top Instagram aesthetic trends 2020.

instagram 2020

Provide Valuable Information

As an Instagram Business Profile, companies can easily offer valuable information to their followers and audience. Companies can choose to include a website, industry/ category, contact information, and even a call to action button.

The appeal of social media stems from its convenience and ease. Providing this information directly on your Instagram profile completely omits the need for users to find an additional source of information.

A majority of users will not leave Instagram solely to learn more about a company. Instead, they will find another company whose Instagram offers the needed information, and who has an Instagram aesthetic.

Another facet of providing relevant information involves showcasing your brand. Businesses can utilize their Instagram Stories and bios to tell their company story and raise brand awareness.

An Instagram bio is the perfect place to include company-specific hashtags or mission statements, while stories can be used to highlight brand colors and logos.

Minimalistic Edits

Instagram users have begun to find beauty in simplicity. So much so that businesses are beginning to edit their images to appear as though they have been untouched. Realistic images allow brands to build trust and authentic relationships with their followers.

But do not be fooled, these subtle edits still allow businesses to highlight their brand. A slight change in color, contrast, fading, and brightness can offer a consistent and minimalist feed that matches the brand’s voice.

Authentic Content

Instagram users want to feel connected and engaged with the brands they follow. This means businesses need to publish authentic content that shows the honest and real side of the business.

Instead of simply highlighting products and services with each post, take the time to share relatable moments, team accomplishments, volunteer profiles, and team struggles. Authentic content encourages human connection, which in turn builds a strong bond between business and consumers. Doing this is very popular with aesthetic Instagram accounts in 2020.

Prioritize Inclusion

The key to attracting a wide variety of supporters and followers is to prioritize inclusion. In order to connect with your community, you must first represent your community. If users do not believe your products and services will fit their needs, they will not support your company.

Inclusive can stems from a variety of different sources: followers, brand ambassadors, and partners. Any content that accurately represents the diverse community in which your company serves will produce an inclusive Instagram feed that users want to support.

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