November 19, 2019

MMARS New Website

At Pink Dog Digital, we focus our talents on creating interactive web designs that appeal to both the consumer and the company. That is why PDD is thrilled to announce the launch of Medical Management and Rehabilitation Services’ (MMARS) new website.


Interactive web design focuses on two key elements: user experience and user engagement. These two elements often work hand-in-hand together to prompt one another.

A big part of increasing user experience is offering information easily and quickly. On the homepage, users can discover the five main services that MMARS offers. Each service is complete with its own defining icon and brief description.

These descriptions allow users to identify which services they need and encourages them to learn more. Users can easily learn more by clicking on the service’s corresponding icon. By offering easily-accessible information, Pink Dog Digital’s team was able to encourage user engagement.

Once users have learned more and actively engaged with the website, they will want to engage with the company itself. Pink Dog Digital designed the website to make reaching MMARS easy. On the top of each webpage, users will find the phone number and social media links for MMARS.

On the Contact Us page, users can find even more information, including the address, fax number, email, and geographic location of the MMARS office.

MMARS offers a proactive and specifically-tailored approach to care management. To do so, the MMARS team is committed to building a relationship with their clients to understand what is needed. They dedicate their time to producing quality healthcare options at a lower cost – and it shows.

Users can find testimonials from previous and current clients, along with current employees, on the homepage. The testimonials are an ode the relationships built and how much the team enjoys their work at MMARS.

An effective website should leave users feeling educated and trusting of a company. Under the About Us page, users can learn even more about MMARS, including its mission and strategies.

In the healthcare industry, it is important to feel comfortable with your healthcare providers. Potential clients can discover their potential healthcare team under the Meet The Team page. Pink Dog Digital has skillfully crafted each staff member with their own page, which allows clients to learn more about their education, background, and experience.

Another core element of interactive web design is blog content. A company’s blog offers relevant industry news, important healthcare information, and service showcases. That is why the team at PDD put MMARS’ blog front and center on the website menu.

The blog is not only helpful to potential and current clients, but helpful to the overall health and optimization of the website. Search engines prefer to rank websites that offer content filled with useful information and strategic keywords. A blog offers the perfect platform to provide just that.

As a small business dedicated to providing our clients with the best services imaginable, Pink Dog Digital is always excited to work with companies that have similar beliefs such as MMARS.

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