August 14, 2020

Law Offices of Karen D. Amos Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are excited to announce the launch of the brand-new website for the Law Office of Karen D. Amos.

screenshot of KDA law website

Pink Dog Digital has worked with a number of law offices in the past and present, which meant our team knew what needed to be done when approached by the Amos’ team.

The purpose of a law firm website is simple: share information about the team, highlight service areas, and provide potential clients with a method of communication.

Rather than overloading users with generic and unnecessary information, the team at PDD kept the Law Offices of Karen D. Amos’ website simple and straightforward.

Under About Us, visitors can virtually meet the team. For any law firm, this webpage and content is crucial. Potential clients base their opinions off the team’s reputation, education, and experience, which ultimately impacts whether or not the client chooses to work with the firm.

That is why PDD designed a webpage for each member of the team. Not only can users meet the face behind Karen D. Amos, Esq., but they can also learn about her associate, Miriam. Each team member page is complete with information regarding practice areas, experience, training, affiliations, honors, and fun facts. By providing this content, users will become more comfortable with their potential attorneys and come to think of the Law Offices Of Karen D. Amos as more than just a company.

At Pink Dog Digital, we are committed to creating interactive websites that are well organized and easy to follow. After learning which primary practice areas are offered by which team member, the next step in the navigation menu allows users to learn more about the areas.

The Services page provides potential clients with a list of available services, as well as the locations of Maryland in which they are offered. The Law Offices of Karen D. Amos offers a variety of family law services, including divorce, custody, collaboration and mediation, appellate litigation, family law, and LGBTQ family law.

The goal of the service page is to provide users with just the right amount of information and guide them to the next step in the process. For the Law Offices of Karen D. Amos, the next step is determining which service is needed by the user.

In order to accomplish this goal and create an effective service page, the team at PDD designed the service page to provide only the basics: service name, description, and photos.

This allows users to skim through each service and determine which one fits the needs of their family. After that, the user can click on the service name and be directed to the specific webpage for that service.

From there, the user can learn even more about the practice area and ultimately reach the final step of the process: contacting the Law Offices of Karen D. Amos. At the end of each service page, PDD included a call-to-action paragraph that offers the phone number and online contact form.

If your law firm or other local business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305 

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