December 14, 2020

Janine Serio Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are elated to announce the launch of Janine Serio’s new website.

When we say Janine does it all, we really mean she does it all. From food and fashion to beauty and travel, this lifestyle influencer now has the perfect online platform to share her passion, interests, and tips for living the best life possible.

From the very beginning, the Pink Dog Digital team knew the importance of creating a website that sets Janine Serio apart from other bloggers and influencers. Our team was able to accomplish this by adding personal touches to every design aspect. Rather than using standard font choices and dull colors, PDD incorporated unique fonts and bright colors to showcase Janine’s fun and creative personality.  

While they might seem insignificant at first, these personal touches are extremely important to the success and effectiveness of a website. In the digital marketing world, first impressions matter just as much, if not more than in real life.

Before they read any text or click on any buttons, users will first notice the overall look and feel of your website. That means it is crucial to choose a theme and color scheme that not only compliments your brand, but also works for your specific nice. Janine Serio focuses on the things that inspire her about everyday life, so it only makes sense to incorporate a vibrant chic theme to represent her passion.

When developing the web design, PDD wanted to make sure the real star of the show was able to shine: the content. By strategically using white space through the website, users are able to focus on the content without getting distracted by background images or complex graphics. Instead, the white space helps separate different sections of the website to aid the overall flow of information.

As always, the Pink Dog Digital team was committed to giving special priority to the homepage in order to make it just right. PDD believes the homepage to be one of the most important pages a website can offer – it presents a prime opportunity to guide visitors to complete a specific action.

On Janine Serios’s new homepage, users are immediately met with countless call-to-action buttons, each directing them to a different webpage.

Not only does the homepage guide users further into the website, it also encourages users to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. A professional email subscription option is crucial when building trust between brand and user. PDD has provided visitors with a simple and straight-forward way to join Janine Serio’s newsletter. The form tells the reader exactly what to expect once they have successfully entered their email address.

The best thing about Janine Serio is that she has a lot to offer. With that being said, the PDD team did not want to waste any time on unnecessary design elements that provide no overall value to the website. There are three main elements for each different blog topic and tag – large readable fonts for all text copy, striking images that make users want to keep reading, and compelling call to actions that keep the user engaged.

The entire team at Pink Dog Digital is excited to provide Janine Serio with not only a new website, but a way to stay connected with her community and audience.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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