December 14, 2020

Janitorial Consulting Website Launch

We at Pink Dog Digital are delighted to be announcing the launch of Janitorial Consulting’s new and improved website.

Janitorial Consulting Image

The Janitorial Consulting team helps individuals become their own boss by starting and growing their own commercial janitorial cleaning service business.

When dealing with e-commerce, the PDD team understands first-hand the difference between an effective and an ineffective web design.

Once the user arrives at your website, the hard part is over. The rest of the process should be easy and straightforward, which starts with creating a simple design and user-friendly navigation.

On the homepage, all of the text is informative, concise, and most importantly, answers the questions that users have when entering a new website. Visitors will learn why they should choose Janitorial Consulting over competitors, whether or not the program is the right fit for them, and why the program is valuable and unique.

The navigation menu is located at the top of each page to provide easy access to the most frequently accessed pages. Vital information such as “Contact Us” or “Log In” is usually placed above the main navigational menu. This saves visitors the trouble of having to search the entire page for information.

By placing a navigation tool on each page, the PDD team is working to prevent dead ends, or pages that do not offer access to other parts of the website. Dead ends are not only huge missed opportunities for brands, they come across as unprofessional and frustrating to visitors. This is not the lasting impression any business wants for their website, especially when it might mean losing visitors for life.

Poor navigation is a critical design flaw, resulting in poor user experience, which leads to a higher bounce rate. That means users are more likely to navigate away from the website than continuing to view other pages.

Janitorial Consulting offers one-of-a-kind products and services, so Pink Dog Digital was sure to use special self-explanatory headings on each page. These headings serve as indicators to visitors exactly where they are on your website, and more importantly, help them navigate the website in order to locate the information they are searching for.

Pink Dog Digital understands just how important an easy checkout process is when dealing with ecommerce. That is why our team designed the Janitorial Consulting website to provide a superior buying experience. Under Buy Now, users can easily add items to their cart and proceed to the checkout page by clicking “View Cart.”  The checkout process also offers convenient features such as shipping and delivery policy, cart summary, and an option to include special order notes.

An effective website is not only meant to serve prospective customers, but current clients as well. Each web page features a Members Area, complete with convenient links to their account and personal bidding sheets. This small design detail has the power to all users just how much Janitorial Consulting cares about their clients.

The Janitorial Consulting team sets individuals up for success and now they offer an online platform to make it happen.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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