October 24, 2019

Changes on Facebook Business Pages: October Edition

As always, Facebook is continuously making strides on their never-ending quest to be the best social media platform. Most recently, Facebook has announced big changes coming to Facebook Business Pages that will be released towards the end of October.

Facebook Business Pages

Gray Verification Checks

Gray verification’s checks were designed to identify and signify authentic businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. The reasoning behind this change is that Facebook users do not understand the meaning behind the gray checks, in comparison to the custom blue checks.

Blue verification checks serve to represent public figures, media companies, and brands. Blue checks have become commonplace on most social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Compared to the blue verification authentication, the process behind gray checks is less intensive, which means Facebook is vulnerable to imposters and fraudulent accounts. Social media platforms have been taking extreme measures to avoid fraud, so it is no wonder why Facebook is taking no chances with potentially verified fake accounts.

So, beginning October 30th, the unclear and dangerous gray verification checks will officially be removed from Facebook – whether they will be replaced by an alternative identification method is unknown.

In preparation of the drastic change, current business pages holding gray checks should make sure their page is complete and accurate in order to secure page visibility and audience trust.

New Organic Impression Tracking

Another change that companies should be preparing for is Facebook Business Pages new organic impression tracking. In the past, organic page metrics have included all impressions of the page and posts. By October 28, Facebook will no longer take repeat impressions into account when measuring organic tracking impressions.

This change will not directly affect your page’s visibility, but it will show a more accurate representation of your reach and metrics. It is important for companies to monitor the impact of this change on their monthly numbers and factor in the difference going forward.

Improved Facebook Automation

Social media marketing automation has been a literal time saver for marketers across the globe. Through automation, social media posts can be pre-scheduled and posted at any time of day without the need for a physical person to hit publish.

The only real challenge when automating posts is figuring out the best times of day for maximum audience reach. To help solve this automation problem, Facebook has been developing a “suggested” option underneath the post scheduling menu.

Underneath Facebook Insights, businesses can already view metrics relating to when their audience is most active – Facebook is putting this information to practical use. This “suggested” time is a recommendation for when Facebook believes engagement, reach, and visibility would be highest.

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