April 1, 2020

Altus Technology Solutions

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to be announcing the launch of Altus Technology Solutions new website.

At Altus, it is all in the name, literally: Accountability, Leadership, Transparency, Unwavering Integrity, Service. Each letter stands for the company’s five core values. Users can learn more about what these values mean on the homepage.

Aside from the core values, the team at Altus takes great pride in its mission to meet customer needs by delivering cost-efficient solutions. At Pink Dog Digital, we pride ourselves by working with other small businesses that prioritize integrity and customers.

This is why the team at Pink Dog Digital was committed to providing Altus with a website to best fit their needs.

A website can serve many purposes, but one of the most important goals is to provide information to current and prospective customers. In order for users to access and understand this information, a website needs to include a well-planned information architecture. This means organizing information and resources in an effort to boost usability.

Altus Technology Solutions

Companies often make the mistake of publishing content without first thinking about their customers. Content that makes sense to the company might not exactly make sense to the customer.

That is why the team at Pink Dog Digital created content that is is easy for users to understand.

Under Services, users can easily learn about everything Altus has to offer, including Engineering, Information Technology, and Range Operations & Maintenance. Each individual service page offers general descriptions and capabilities. This will ensure customers understand the products and services provided by Altus, and how their customers can benefit from these solutions.

Altus Technology Solutions

In order to understand the content on Altus’s website, users need to first be able to find the information. Currently formatting pages and content plays a large role in the success of a website. Users want to be able to quickly find all the information and resources necessary in order to make an informed consumer decision.

The team at Pink Dog Digital was able to effectively format each webpage by utilizing headings, bullet lists, sub-headings, paragraphs, and footers. These tools break up text-heavy content and allow users to easily digest the information.

Most of the time, users visit a website to find a specific piece of information or resource. By using a heading or sub-heading, users can easily scan the webpage in search of the information they are after. For example, if a user is trying to determine which Information technology service fits their needs, they can quickly scan the list of capabilities for each IT service.

Pink Dog Digital, and every Internet user, knows firsthand how frustrating is it when websites are misleading and useless. That is why the team at PDD ensured every link is clearly labeled and functioning properly.

In textual content, each hyperlink is distinguished by a larger dark font. This ensures users will be able to “Learn More” when prompted to. In addition to being easily identified, PDD guaranteed each hyperlink directed to the correct page.

We at Pink Dog Digital are excited to be showcasing Altus Technology Solutions’s new website. PDD takes pride in our work, just as Altus does in theirs.

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