December 7, 2020

Valor Roofing Website Launch

Pink Dog Digital is beyond excited for the launch of Valor Roofing’s new website.

When veteran Al Kincaid founded Valor Roofing, he was inspired by the guiding principles he learned while serving in the military: honor, respect, dedication, commitment, and loyalty. With these attributes in mind, Al was able to build a roofing company to not only help clients, but help those who served in the armed forces.

For such a mission-based company, Pink Dog Digital knew how important it was to showcase this mission in every aspect of the website.

When used properly, brand colors have the power to tell users everything they need to know about a business. Colors have the ability to communicate brand personality and elicit trust.

For Valor Roofing, there was nothing more fitting than using red, white, and blue to represent their brand. These patriotic brand colors are a testament to Valor’s dedication to the USA. On every web page, the team at Pink Dog Digital seamlessly integrated the brand’s colors into images, buttons, headings, text, and all other design elements.

The new website also highlights the company’s various products and services, including roofing, storm restoration, and windows. With the new user-friendly web design, users can navigate to the Products page from the homepage or using the navigation menu.

On the Products page, each individual service has its own section complete with an image and brief description. Reviewing these sections allows users to easily identify the product they need in order to learn more or request an estimate. 

While working with Valor Roofing, PDD quickly came to understand that the Valor team values trust above all when it comes to relationships with clients. That is why our team prioritized creating an authentic and transparent online presence. 

Under Our Process, current and potential clients can learn about Valor Roofing’s approach to installing a new roof. This process is broken down into four simple steps: Explore, Design, Refine, and Install. These steps were developed to ensure all of the clients goals and expectations are exceeded.

The best thing about this new website is that it not only describes Valor Roofing’s hard work, it shows examples of the finished product. The Gallery page brings Valor’s products and services to life and shows users exactly what results to expect when working with the Valor team. Being able to visualize the products and imagine using them in real-life is an extremely powerful tool when users are considering purchasing from the company. 

Amongst the new features, the site also contains a contact form at the bottom of each page. This form allows visitors to message Valor Roofing and get a free estimate without ever having to navigate to a different page.

In addition to the contact form, the Pink Dog Digital team also integrated social media buttons for all of Valor Roofing’s platforms on every web page. These easily accessible links serve to foster an improved communication between the Valor team between their clients.

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are static for this opportunity to provide Valor Roofing with a new web design. We hope this new website will allow the Valor Roofing team to continue making a difference in the Baltimore community one roof at a time.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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