September 12, 2019

How To Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy

Is it Snapchat? No. Is it Vine? Kind of. It’s TikTok!

Over the past couple of months, users around the world have seen an app by the name of TikTok rise to the top of the charts in the social networking category of the App Store. This sudden rise in fame has people asking, “What exactly is TikTok?”


Although unconventional in terms of social networking, TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos, ranging from 15 to 60 seconds in length. Since its initial release in 2016, the video-sharing site already has over 1 billion downloads and over 500 million monthly users.

With the comedic tones of Vine and the musical overtones of, TikTok offers a creative outlet for a wide variety of styles and posts.

The visual appeal of the app has already prompted a cult following among teens and young adults around the world. But, the best part about the video-sharing aspect, is the endless marketing possibilities.

Plus, given the platform’s extensive audience and global user base, marketers have become increasingly interested in exploring and pioneering the marketing potential of TikTok.

Understand The Type of Content

If brands and companies want to succeed on TikTok, they need to first understand the type of content being shared. Conventional commercials or social media content might not be the answer to TikTok. In order to thrive, companies need to create the types of content that users expect from the social media platform.

For example, a majority of users use TikTok for personal reasons and entertainment purposes – you can find them posting comedic digital shorts, mini music videos, participating in challenges, or lip-syncing to popular songs.

As a result, companies should also be producing videos with comedic or musical undertones.

Introducing “Duets”

With the introduction of the “Duets” feature, TikTok can be used to greatly increased brand engagement and interactions. A company can share a video that features a relevant song or the company’s jingle.

In response, users can reply to the company’s post with their own video featuring that same song. Both the original and response videos with be displayed side by side, which will prompt even more user engagement and user responses.

This simple feature can massively increase brand awareness and interactions with customers or potential customers. Customers want to feel as if they have a relationship with the companies they do business with, and this is the perfect first introduction to building that relationship.

Challenge Videos

In addition to duets, challenge videos have already shown to be promising in terms of marketing. Just one week ago, on September 3rd, the NFL signed a year-long partnership with TikTok.

Throughout the year, the NFL will be taking advantage of the hashtag challenges, as they encourage players and partners to get involved. With the challenges in place, users will be able to see behind-the-scenes footage and highlights, which in term will bring their brand awareness to global heights.

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