September 3, 2020

Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC Website Launch

Please join all of us at Pink Dog Digital in celebrating the launch of Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC’s new and improved website.

Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC specializes in creating sustainable organizations by developing environmental principles and employing socially responsible behavior. This allows companies to build a solid foundation for the future while also maximizing environmental benefits and human wellbeing.

The team at Pink Dog Digital understands the audience is the most important factor to consider when designing a website, especially when dealing with a business to business (B2B) organization.

As a B2B organization, Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC’s website needed to be geared towards business professionals. In order to reach this target audience, PDD created content that conveys information about the company in a professional, yet exciting manner as to not lose the visitor’s interest.

The homepage is designed to give visitors a quick overview of the company. By including the mission statement, areas of expertise, company overview, and testimonials, users are not only able to better understand PSS but also what their team has to offer their clients. 

Rather than simply listing all of this information and overloading the viewers, Pink Dog Digital split the homepage into different informational sections. The sections are broken up by different background colors, fonts, headings, and borders. This allows users to process all of the information without getting confused or lost.

The homepage also often acts as the landing page for online advertisements, search results, and other marketing promotions. In addition to providing valuable preliminary information, the homepage is designed to propel customers into the next stage of the market funnel by directing them to additional webpages.

By placing various call-to-actions in the form of text links and buttons on the homepage and following pages, users are encouraged to learn about PSS’s areas of expertise, community, and ultimately, services. The more the user knows about the company, the more likely they are to convert and complete an action, whether that is contacting the team at PSS, following them on social media, or signing up for a service.

When it comes to revamping a website, the most important step is choosing a web design theme and keeping that theme consistent throughout the website. For Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, the team at Pink Dog Digital was determined to successfully create a fun and friendly web design that matches the spirit of the company.

Given that PSS’s main audience is other companies and organizations, a certain level of trust and approachability needs to be communicated through the website. By incorporating a friendly web design, Pink Dog Digital was able to accomplish just that.

PDD’s creative team incorporated bright and vibrate nature imagery on each webpage that relates to the overarching theme of environmental and social health.

The website also features a variety of exciting and unique fonts that draws the attention of viewers. In addition to the increasingly popular modern theme of black and white, PDD also incorporated a blue color palette to give the website a fun pop of color and make it more overall more visually appealing.

All of us at Pink Dog Digital hopes this website will allow Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC to connect with more clients to help make this world a better place one organization at a time.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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