February 7, 2020

Multicorp Fire Protection Services New Website

Earlier this year, Pink Dog Digital had the honor of developing Multicorp Commercial Cleaning Services new website. Now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for their sister company: Multicorp Fire Protection Services.

Multicorp Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection services, many companies do not even know where to begin. The team at Multicorp is committed to working with clients to discover the products and services right for them.

As a full-service fire protection company, Multicorp makes their client’s safety their number one priority. Not only do they offer a full line of products and services, Multicorp also takes pride in being a resource to their customers.

Under Our Services, the team at Pink Dog Digital crafted content that accurately describes each service that Multicorp offers. The webpages are easily accessible and easily understandable, which allow customers to learn about each service on their own time.

our services multicorp fire

Some website developers are too preoccupied by search engine optimization that they forget about what really matters: users. A majority of time, websites are the bridge between businesses and consumers. This means the website must cater to the user’s needs, not the other way around.

By focusing on typography and readability, Pink Dog Digital was able to produce a visually appealing and useful website for visitors. Writing for the sole purpose of including keywords and phrases will result in clunky and unreadable textual content. Instead, keywords and other SEO focused elements should be seamlessly interwoven within the website.

In an attempt to make Multicorp’s website even more aesthetically pleasing, Pink Dog Digital implemented design consistency. This means that no matter what page the visitor is on, the repeating elements will be the same.

These elements include fonts, sizes, headings, subheading, button, colors, and footers. For example, as the user navigates throughout the website, the footer at the bottom of each page will be identical to all other pages.

Design consistency is crucial to any web design because it keeps the website simple and easy to use. If the website changes every single page, the user will become confused and frustrated.

At Pink Dog Digital, we fully believe in the power of internal links. Internal links are typically button or text links that serve to direct users to another page within the website. Internal links are not only beneficial for SEO purposes, but are crucial when building easily navigated websites.

By connecting content and webpages, internal links help improve user experience and build page authority. Companies can also track the usage of internal links to see which pages are most valuable to visitors.

Under the About Us page, users can use internal hyperlinks to navigate to any and all Multicorp webpages. The links within the textual content will take visitors to the service of their choice, or prompt the user to call or contact the Multicorp team. The full navigation menu is also presented next to the textual content, giving users easy access to the information they need next.

about us multicorp fire

All of us at Pink Dog Digital understand the importance of Multicorp Fire Protection Services’s work and we are thrilled to provide a website that allows them to continue keeping businesses safe.

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